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Consumer Electronics China(CE China) 2021

From September 16, 2021 until September 18, 2021
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Enter the Biggest Consumer Market

Consumer Electronics China (CE China), a global IFA event, is designed to be China's premier trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances brands in China. The show is a platform that unites international exhibitors with Chinese retailers who is keen to bring new products to their customers. By participating in CE China, exhibitors have the opportunity to place their products in front of valuable channel partners that can help grow sales in China as well as the rest of Asia. Not simply a technology or export fair, CE China has a strong focus on the needs of international brands, products, and customers.


With a strong retail focus

With a strong retail focus, first-class exhibition space and pioneering media support, CE China will place its exhibitors firmly in the spotlight. Just around the corner and China is closer to your business than you might think. Be sure to reserve your place at CE China to capitalize on opportunities in the lucrative China market and beyond. CE China already succeeds in attracting leading Chinese retailers, including Suning, Alibaba, and JD.COM.

  1. CE China solely focuses on consumer electronics and home appliances, giving these exhibitors all the support they need. 
  2. CE China has already successfully attracted leading Chinese retailers, including Suning and Alibaba's Tmall. 
  3. CE China partners with the global media powerhouse IDG, the world's largest publisher in IT, research, exhibition, and venture capital. 
  4. CE China brings decades of IFA expertise, knowledge, networks, and innovations in market making. 
  5. CE China takes place in China's most advanced pilot region, Guangdong, right next to Hong Kong and Macao and in the midst of China's Greater Bay Area. 
  6. CE China is perfectly timed for product launches in view of China's shopping peak season.


Product Categories:

1 TV
1.1 TV sets
1.2 Accessories
1.3 TV and radio broadcasting
1.4 Online and on-demand providers


2 Home Entertainment
2.1 Video/DVD/Blu-ray
2.2 Recording devices
2.3 Projectors
2.4 Game consoles and controllers
2.5 Game software
2.6 Entertainment software
2.7 Information and educational software
2.8 E-books
2.9 Other recorded audio/video media
2.10 Audio/Video/Data media (unrecorded)
2.11 Batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers


3 Smart Home / Home Networks
3.1 Home networks/home automation
3.2 Webcams
3.3 Accessories
3.4 Maintenance and metering
3.5 Energy suppliers
3.6 Service providers


4 Infrastructure: Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable
4.1 Set-top boxes
4.2 Receiving antenna systems and accessories (terrestrial and satellite)
4.3 Broadcasting network operators
4.4 Telecommunication network operators
4.5 Service providers for wired and mobile networks
4.6 Internet providers


5 Communications
5.1 Telecommunication devices
5.2 Wireless devices
5.3 Accessories


6 PC Hardware and Software
6.1 Personal computers
6.2 3D printing
6.3 Electronic eyewear
6.4 Add-ons and peripherals
6.5 Software/applications
6.6 Mobile payment


7 Wearables & Smart Fitness
7.1 Smartwatches
7.2 Trackers, mobile monitors
for sports, outdoor activities, sleeping
7.3 Smart hearing aids
7.4 Smart clothes


8 Audio / HiFi / Surround
8.1 Audio and hi-fi devices (stationary)
8.2 Audio and HiFi systems (portable)
8.3 Multi-channel surround sound systems
8.4 Headphones
8.5 Accessories
8.6 Electrical musical instruments


9 Photo/ Video
9.1 Digital cameras
9.2 Camcorders
9.3 Flying cameras/drones
9.4 Media players (streaming clients)
9.5 Video editing
9.6 Storage media for digital cameras/camcorders
9.7 Software for archiving, digital image processing
9.8 Image input/output devices
9.9 Camera and camcorder accessories

10 Car Media
10.1 Car audio
10.2 Car communication
10.3 Communication devices for vehicles
10.4 Navigation
10.5 Vehicle alarm systems


11 Research Labs and Start-ups
11.1 Research and development
11.2 smart mobility
11.3 Start-ups
11.4 Incubators
11.5 Associations
11.6 Jobs and training


12 Consumer Electronics - Miscellaneous
12.1 Furniture and storage systems
12.2 Publications
12.3 Hearing aids
12.4 Watches and alarm clocks
12.5 Digital weather stations


13 Household Appliances: Large
13.1 Refrigerators and freezers
13.2 Laundry appliances and dishwashers
13.3 Cooking and baking appliances


14 Built-in kitchen units
14.1 Built-in Ovens
14.2 Built-in steam ovens
14.3 Built-in cooker hoods
14.4 Built-in freezers
14.5 Built-in dishwashers
14.6 Built-in cookers
14.7 Built-in automatic coffeemakers
14.8 Built-in food processors
14.9 Built-in refrigerators
14.10 Built-in microwaves
14.11 Built-in warming drawers/plate warmers
14.12 Built-in washers
14.13 Other built-in units


15 Household Appliances: Small
15.1 Kitchen appliances
15.2 Floor cleaning machines
15.3 Irons and ironing systems
15.4 Other small household appliances


16 Lifestyle / Wellness / Digital Health
16.1 Lifestyle products
16.2 Wellness
16.3 Digital Health
16.4 Personal Care


17 Electric Heating and Air Conditioning Appliances
17.1 Electric home heating devices
17.2 Electric water heaters
17.3 Air conditioning and ventilation


18 Components and Accessories for Electric Appliances
18.1 Components and accessories
18.2 Parts and accessories for electric appliances

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