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China (Beijing)International Organic Green Food & Ingredients Exhibition 2021

From October 27, 2021 09:30 until October 29, 2021 18:00

Shibowei International Organic & Green Food Expo is the largest organic food industry Expo in China, which had been successfully held for many times(the first half year in Beijing, the second half year in Shanghai)

Special Setting: Domestic & Foreign Pavilions Of Organic &Natural Food Display Area、National Key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization Area、Southeast Asia Speciality Foods Area、Natural Imported Food Area

Product Categories:
Organic Food&Drinks Area:
  • Organic Food: Organic rice&grains,vegetables&fruits,Organic raw materials and semi-prepared products,Organic dairy products,Organic seafood products,Organic baby food,Organic meat product,Organic tourism food, organic functional food,Organic convenience food,Organic frozen food,Organic baby food,Organic snack food(dried fruit, candy and chocolate, etc.)
  • Organic Drinks: Organic tea, Organic coconut products, Organic honey products, Organic high-end oil (olive oil, palm oil, etc.), Organic fruit juice and soft drinks, Organic coffee Organic bottled water, Organic wine&beer&fruit wine& white wine,&rice wine, etc. 
  • Organic Condiment: Herbs, Natural Spices, Spicy condiments, Soy sauce vinegar, Gourmet powder&Chicken flavor, Blend oil, Seasoning wine, Compound seasoning series, etc.
  • Organic Medicinal Herbs: Gastrodia, Pueraria, Ginseng, Saffron, Moringa seed, other organic medicinal herbs;
  • Organic food additives and ingredients: food additives, food ingredients, plant extracts, functional food ingredients, food processing aids, etc
Organic Products Area:
  • Organic ingredients and fragrances products
  • Organic cotton product;
  • Natural cosmetics and personal care products;
  • Natural fibers and textiles products;
Organic Industry Services
  • Associations; Certification and control services; Marketing and management consultancy
  • Organic green food matching technology and equipment and production materials 
  • Food freezing, Cleaning, Sterilization, Disinfection, Preservation, Processing and packaging technology and equipment, Seedlings and seeds, Natural pesticides and plant-protecting products, Soil improvers, Raw materials, Fertilizer, Animal breeding and feeds, etc.
  • International Import Product of Organic Food and Natural Products;  
High-end Food Ingredients Show Area:
  • High-end meat ingredients: High-end beef and mutton 、High-end pork、Frozen / chilled meat、Meat rolls、Burger; Ham、Sausage、Prepared food and instant food;
  • High-end seafood:Seafood frozen goods、Dry goods、Live goods、Aquatic product、Marine products、Conditioning products、Processed products and instant seafood products;
  • High-end catering condiments:Edible oil、Sugar、Gourmet powder、Chicken essence 、Soy sauce、Vinegar、Sauces、 Soup blend、Seasoning wine,Spices and condiments(Pepper、Chinese red pepper、Dry pepper、Aniseed、Fennel、Mustard、Cinnamon、Ginger、Ginger Powder、Caoguo,Saffron etc),Compound condiment,CHAFFY DISH CONDIMENT etc;
  • High-end fast food: Instant Rice、instant soup、Instant snack、Instant porridge、Conditioning pack etc;
  • Other high-end ingredients:High-end wine、Dairy products(Cheese, milk, etc)、Import high-end snack foods (biscuits/pastries/candies/chocolates/ nuts, etc)、preserved fruits、Tea Drinks、Food additives、Food ingredients、Food processing aids、Medicinal and edible herbs, etc.

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Booth and registrantion inquiry
To whom it may concern,
We are Fermes Ali Sfar comapny from Tunisia, producer of organic olive oil. We would like to be part of this event and we would like to know how to book a booth and participate.
Best Regards,

Stand and regitration inquiry
To whom it may concern,
We are Fermes Ali Sfar company, producer of organic olive oil. We would like to ba part of this event and we would like to know how to particiapte and book a booth.
Best Regards,

booth registration
Hi, our company is from Malaysia and has a branch in Shenzhen. Main food category-fruits. How to apply for a booth? Can you provide me the size of the booth with 36sqm and floor plan? Will look forward to hearing from you, thank you.

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