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China Machine Tool Exhibition(CME) 2022

From March 02, 2022 until March 05, 2022


China’s most influential machine tool fair

As one of China’s most influential machine tool fair, the version of CME was successfully held at NECC, Shanghai. The total exhibiting space reached 90,762 ㎡, distributed in 4 halls. With over 1,100 brands showcasing their latest tech, the UFI certified fair was divided into five categories, i.e. Metal Cutting Machine, Metal Forming Machine, Measuring Tools, Machine Accessories and Smart Factory. The total number of registered visitors was 110,000 persons an increase of 10% compared to last year.95% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of visitors, who most are management and technical persons coming with business purpose. 92% of the exhibitors expressed their satisfaction to reach the expected results. 89% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the management and service of the organizer.

Robots and 3D printing
  • Complete industrial robot: welding, spraying, stacking, handling, assembly, cartesian robot, etc
  • Robot parts: electronic control & mechanical parts (industrial lens, industrial camera, transformer, electrician and photoelectric components, reducer, servo motor, testing equipment, welding and cutting equipment, spraying equipment, handling equipment, etc
  • Robot vision (light source system, image processing system, etc.)
  • Control system (PLC, SCADA, controller, industrial IT software, factory production software)
  • Industrial automation information technology (industrial Internet, intra-factory LAN, laser technology, air pressure technology) Advanced technology 3D printing, etc
Metal Finishing Machines area
[machine tool category]

Turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, machining center (horizontal, vertical, gantry, modular), such as EDM machine tools, wire cutting machines, micro hole processing, engraving machines, marking machines, hydraulic press.

Metal forming machine tools area
[machine tool category]

CNC bending machine, CNC shears, flame cutting machine, water cutting machine, band saw, shears and other sheet metal CNC processing equipment; High-speed precision press, servo press, open press, closed press, extruder, CNC turret press, servo crank press, etc.Sheet drawing hydraulic press, single column/four column hydraulic press, hydraulic straightening machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic broaching machine;Laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser drilling (drilling) hole machine, other relevant laser equipment;Knife die (laser knife die), CNC turret punch die, bending die, multi-station progressive die and other hardware/stamping die; Sheet metal surface treatment equipment (deburring machine), sheet metal testing equipment, sheet metal processing software, etc.

Work Measure Cutting Tools area
[machine tool category]

Various surface machining tools, combination tools, non-standard tools, tool coating, tool materials, tool accessories, grinding machinery, various types of abrasive tools (consolidation, super-hard materials, etc.), grinding materials, grinding accessories and accessories, etc.;Coordinate measuring instrument, image projector, laser interferometer, various micrometer, tool setting instrument, tool measuring instrument, mechanical property instrument, surface roughness instrument, etc. Manual, pneumatic, electric tools, etc

Machine tool accessory area
[machine tool category]

All kinds of machine functional parts, machine accessories, machine appliances, etc.Pneumatic and hydraulic components and devices, digital display devices; Lubricating oil, industrial cleaning, logistics equipment, and other factory-related supporting products

Metal plate and equipment exhibition area
Sheet metal and equipment category

Sheet metal (color steel plate, galvanized sheet, plate, sheet, film face plywood manufacture, coating, printing plate, metal composite plate, pressure plate, guard board, all kinds of color steel tile), tin plate, steel plate, hot and cold rolled steel coils, galvanized steel (aluminum) plate, stainless steel plate roll, pickling steel plate, silicon steel sheet, carbon steel, cast, metal composite panels, color aluminum plate, brushed aluminum plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, cold rolled steel strip all kinds of sheet metal. Plate pressing and rolling equipment, plate cutting equipment, shearing machine, bending machine, bar splitter, steel (iron) plate flattening and cutting machine, steel (iron) plate splitter and rewinding machine, rolling equipment, etc.

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