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Assistive Technology for Life

From April 23, 2020 09:00 until April 26, 2020 18:00
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Assistive Technology is a product designed to improve the quality of life for everyone

Assistive Technology is a product designed to improve the quality of life for everyone."ATLife" contains auxiliary tools with "Life" as the core to support various Life aspects and functions; All kinds of large and small products in life, such as glasses, toothbrushes or chopsticks, can be used as auxiliary tools as long as they can improve people's life quality. Logo hand and light, on behalf of the auxiliary equipment industry to work together to create a brilliant."ATLife Taiwan assistive and long-term care exhibition" brings together multiple assistive industry members (users, operators, professionals, government representatives, etc.) to create a special Taiwan assistive exhibition with "human life" as the main axis, which is worth your visit and sharing.


Product Categories:
  • Mobility
    mobility aids (canes/crutches/walkers/manual wheelchairs/powered wheelchairs/electric scooters), seating and positioning products
  • Household Assistant
    eating, dressing, toileting, pressure relief mattress, beds, transfer aids, reconstruction of living space 
  • Communication and Information
    assistive devices for seeing, hearing, communication, and computer assistive devices
  • Rehabilitation and Recreation
    rehabilitation exercise equipment, interactive somatosensory rehabilitation systems, inclusive play equipment, toys, and games
  • Smart Care  ICT/IoT/AI care applications
    Assistive (Medical) Device Stores
    assistive (medical) device store services, assistive living centers
  • Respiratory Care
    CPAP, BiPAP, oxygen concentrators, pulse oximetry, nebulizers, humidifiers, mucus suction pumps, vest airway clearance system, liquid oxygen, portable oxygen machines, smart medical respiratory care
  • Prosthetics and Orthopedic
    prosthetics, orthodontics, orthotic insoles, orthotic shoes, 3D printed prosthetics (equipment)
  • New Materials and Assistive Devices
    new materials, new design, application of new components
  • Assistive Device Safety Inspection Verification
    international assistive device standard safety inspection and verification services

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