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RealTech Expo 2022

From June 23, 2022 until June 26, 2022

RealTech Expo

RealTech Expo丨BAU CHINA

Resulting from changes in property, the industry has stepped into a rational and high-quality development stage; therefore, real estate enterprises urgently need to explore innovations and evolutions. RealTech Expo has taken this opportunity to bring its own innovations into the market. By focusing on the “future space”, RealTech Expo has gathered the most influential players from all sectors of the property industry, such as developers, investors, government planning officials, groundbreaking tech solution and service providers, to show the advanced technologies and future trends of the real estate industry through various dedicated exhibition zones. RealTech Expo is committed to building a B2G2C platform, integrating business promotions and rebranding, enabling real estate enterprises to transform and develop.

The most influential real estate enterprises from different sectors will be positioned as "business initiators", in cooperation with high-quality suppliers, to show the concept of future space through various scenes.

The world's leading providers of building systems solutions will showcase cutting-edge technologies and their insights into different areas; thus, shaping the future space.

The world-class operation/service providers will explore how different business types can contribute to the ecological development of real estate in the future.

The leading real estate enterprises will become "industry promoters", focusing on the four hot topics and showing their cutting-edge concepts, superior technologies, and successful cases in their dominant industry.

Brings together cutting-edge technologies, prop-tech companies, and solution providers to create immersive installations to demonstrate the application scenarios of core technologies.

Gathers scientific and technological "unicorns" and innovative technology start-ups in the field of construction and real estate to efficiently and intuitively display the latest real estate technologies and products, covering the whole process of real estate development from planning and design to marketing and operation.

Brings together the latest industry standard makers, top worldwide real estate developers, financial institutions and governments to plan and discuss the latest trends and standards of global real estate development.

Gathers the most influential players from all sectors of China’s domestic property industry and a great number of world-famous brands in the property industry and international institutions to join the expo by bringing their most advanced thoughts, findings, cases, standards and products to the summits, forums and conferences or even workshops; thus, shaping the future space!.

A variety of offline communication activities are offered to create multiple interactive experiences. RealTech’s Side Events and Gala Night are the best ways to meet industry professionals and to and expand your networks.

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