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China (Guangzhou) International Emergency Safety Expo - IESE 2021

From September 09, 2021 until September 11, 2021


Organized by China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Guangdong Provincial Association of Work Safety, Guangdong Fire Protection Association, Guangdong Association of Emergency, Guangdong Association of Meteorological Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, and Guangdong Industry Association of Emergency Management, jointly operated by China National Machinery International Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lisheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Haijun MICE Co., Ltd., 2021 China (Guangzhou) International Emergency Safety Expo (hereinafter referred to as IESE 2021) will take place from September 9 to 11 at Poly World Trade Expo Center at Pazhou, Guangzhou.

IESE 2021 is an influential emergency industry expo in China, creating the preferred platform for global industrial biggest players to come together and discuss the latest trends of safety. In its last edition in 2020, IESE 2020 featured over 600 exhibitors and attracted 35,000 visitors from local and international in the exhibition area of 40,000 sq.m... The three-day event shines the spotlight on the activities of Competitions of Guangdong Social Emergency Rescue, Global Emergency Safety Summit, and Matchmaking Meetings.

IESE 2021 is expected to cover a total display area of 60,000 sq.m and attract over 900 exhibitors. The expo will focus specifically on the solution of emergency management, fire safety, forest-fire prevention, water rescue, emergency information technology, road safety, chemical safety, explosion protection, emergency rescue, epidemic prevention, and PPE, including a series of concurrent programs such as Global Intelligent Safety Summit and Matchmaking Meetings. It’s where business and networks will be built to bring you the buyers and benefit the entire industry for years to come.


Exhibitor Profile

Fire Fighting Equipment

Extinguishers, Fire Detection, Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarm Systems Equipment, Fire Appliances, Hoses, Hose Reels, Fire Nozzles, Fire Monitors

Fire Vehicles

Aerial Ladder Platforms, Airport Fire Vehicles, Fire Fighting Vehicles, Rescue Vehicles

Personal Protection Equipment

Fire Fighter Boots, Gloves, Helmets, Flame Resistant Clothing, Breathing Apparatus, and Supplies, Personal Protection Equipment

Active Fire Protection

Shutters, Fire Doors, Fire Pumps, Deluge Walls, Water Spray Systems

Passive Fire Protection

Gas Detectors, Fire Proof Wiring & Fittings, Monitors, Parameter Control Fire Detection Systems, Smoke Detectors

Disaster Management

Logistic Equipment, Emergency Response Equipment, Explosive Detection, First Aid, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), Detection Equipment, Test and Measurement Instruments, etc

Water Rescue

Rescue and salvage boats, Patrol boats, Assault boats, Inflatable boats, Life jackets, Lifebuoys, TOPAN, Diving equipment, Amphibious aerated stretcher / Inflatable stretcher for water rescue / Safe special cable

Aviation Rescue

Fixed-wing Rescue aircraft, Rotor Rescue aircraft, Search and Rescue UAV, Airborne specialized Rescue equipment, Rescue Helicopter, Seaplane.

Rescue Equipment

Remote sensing equipment, Emergency communication network system, UAV detection system, Satellite navigation, positioning, Emergency lighting equipment, Thermal imager, Emergency command and dispatch platform, Rescue emergency command system, Satellite navigation system, Early warning, prevention, measurement, and testing equipment for disasters.

Epidemic Prevention Materials

Prevention Equipment

Respiratory protective equipment (N95 mask, surgical mask, full-face respirators), Medical gloves, Medical caps, Medical protective suit including goggles, face mask, and shoe covers.

Disinfecting Supplies

Medicinal alcohol, 84-Disinfectant, Peracetic acid disinfectant, Hydrogen peroxide (3%) disinfectant, Effervescent chlorination tablets, Hand-washing-free disinfectant, Alcohol-based hand rub, etc.

First Aid Transportation

Ambulance, Lifeboat, Life raft, UAV, Rescue helicopter, First aid kits, Stretcher, Handling air bed, Fracture fixation, etc.

Medical Equipment and Device

Mobile hospital device, Negative pressure cabin hospital, CT Cabin, Mobile operating table, Monitor, Ventilator, Defibrillator, Disinfection Equipment, Oxygen Equipment, Generators, Mobile hospital furniture, Folding tent, Temporary use hospital beds, etc.

Pharmaceutical Testing Services

Reagents for testing and diagnostic, Antiviral drug, Chinese traditional medicine, Ancillary medications

Digital Solutions for Epidemic Prevention

AI, Big data in medicine, robots, Telemedicine, Internet+Medical, etc.

Production Equipment

Mast forming machine, Mask press machine, Mask sewing machine, Protective clothing layering machine, Breathing valve punching machine, Nose bridge bar extrusion machine, Lug spot welding machine, Ultrasonic welding machine, Fully automatic plane mask machine, Fully automatic folding mask machine, Packing machine, Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilizers, Testing equipment, Workshop cleaning equipment, etc.

Raw Materials and Accessories

Nonwoven, Meltbond, Filter medium, Ethylene oxide sterilization, Ear bands, Elastic material (elastic band), Spandex, Eco-friendly plastic bar, Nose clip, Nose bridge bar, Ear-hook, Filter paper, Paper-plastic package materials, High melting index polypropylene fiber, Polyester staple fiber, Staple, Coatings, Spunbond, Breathable film, Anti-fog rolls and sheets for safety glasses and face shield, Sealing strip, Zipper, Antistatic agents, Raw materials for producing medical protective suit and medical masks.

Trade Fair Tickets

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