Shenzhen TOEwine Expo International 2022

Shenzhen TOEwine Expo International
From August 26, 2022 until August 28, 2022
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)
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Shenzhen TOEwine Expo International

The 4th TOE Shenzhen Expo International is over. The 5th TOE Shenzhen Expo International is scheduled for August 26-28 2022. Follow the WeChat public account, \"TOEwine\" for more information.

TOEwine was born out of our belief in pursuing quality.
Named after the initial Taste of Excellence, TOEwine is dedicated to delivering Taste.
We hope to be a bridge connecting the world's best wine suppliers with domestic quality buyers.
We also hope to be a guide to bring global hot information and innovative styles of wine to domestic consumers;
We hope to become a party stage, let all participants in the field to show his talent and charm!

We believe that the Chinese wine market is still in a healthy upturn and it is a good time to step into this area.China's customs data show that the import volume of wine has increased for five consecutive years, especially in the two years of 15/16 with a rapid increase, which can also directly reflect the clear market prospect.
On the other hand, after preliminary research, we believe that each wine show brand has its own characteristics, regional characteristics and advantages and disadvantages in China, which is not enough to cover the needs of the whole domestic market.Creative era exhibition company is located in shenzhen, where it has strong connections and exhibition resources. Shenzhen is also the market with the largest import volume of wine in China, so it is an opportunity to establish new wine exhibition in shenzhen.We know very well that exhibition is an industry that pays attention to service details and overall planning and coordination. These exhibition experience and insight into the industry cannot be imitated or surpassed overnight. The creative era with nearly 20 years of experience can lead TOEwine to go on.

Shenzhen is a beautiful and economically developed city on the southern tip of the Chinese mainland. It borders on Hong Kong, has eight quality ports, and is well connected to the rest of the world.

Shenzhen is also a huge market in the forefront of domestic wine import and consumption.On the supply side, it is conservatively estimated that there are over 3,000 wine merchants of all sizes in shenzhen.In the past two years, the import volume of wine from shenzhen has been ranked first in China. However, shenzhen customs has been strict with OEM wine with low price and low quality, and the whole shenzhen market prefers and prefers to consume wines with higher quality.

From the perspective of demand, shenzhen is also the distribution center of the national wine trade and the bridgehead of the terminal consumer market.According to statistics on the official website of China securities regulatory commission, there are 267 listed companies in shenzhen, covering high-tech, finance, real estate, creative design and other pillar industries.More than 260 fortune global 500 companies have set up branches in shenzhen. The economic growth driven by these famous enterprises and the continuous improvement of people's living standards are undoubtedly the driving force for the consumption of wine and spirits.




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Registration and Get Tickets

You should register on the official site of Shenzhen TOEwine Expo International.
Official Website http://en.toewine.com
Make sure that you double-check the date and address.

Venue Map and Hotels Around

Shenzhen - Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China Shenzhen - Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China


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