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Greenery and Landscaping China

From May 28, 2019 09:00 until May 30, 2019 18:00
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Greenery and Landscaping China

 Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

The China (Shanghai) International Greenery & Landscaping Exhibition is the oldest and most influential greenery & landscape industry event in China.

GLC 2019 will demonstrate the combination of indoor exhibition and outdoor machinery demonstration. The indoor exhibition covers a wide range of exhibits across upstream and downstream chains, including landscape design, materials and components for construction and maintenance, maintenance machinery and equipment, plants, seeds, interior green, playgrounds, leisure grounds, sports grounds, roof greening building greening technology, wood frame construction and bamboo construction, Urban planning, outdoor landscape lighting products and smart home, while featuring an outdoor presentation area and experience zone with an area of approximately 10 000 square meters to host wonderful presentation and experience activities.

In Greenery & Landscaping China participants bring new vitality to Greenery & Landscaping China, the concept of the fair got new planning and positioning. The conference will focus on municipal greenery machinery and playground facilities, GLC adds new ranges like nursery grown plant and park equipment.

Greenery and Landscaping China

Product Range

Landscape Design 

Landscape design of urban open spaces and residential quarters; Planning/ Construction/Maintenance and governing of the environmental landscape; Water landscape and environment design; Private garden equipment and furniture; City landscape illumination design projects; Tourism development planning, etc. 

Building Design 

Residential building, traffic building, public buildings, commercial buildings, sports buildings, medical buildings, administrative building, engineering consulting and project management, design software, picture-making, engineering drawing, model design, publishing, etc. 

Urban Planning 

Urban development strategy; Urban design and district planning; Municipal project planning; Town system planning; Traffic planning, etc. 

Construction Machinery And Equipment

Earth-moving; Construction of paths and squares, stonework; Planting; Grassed areas and seeding; Measuring and testing

Landscape Construction

Urban landscape construction; Villa garden design and construction; 

Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment

Maintenance of grassed areas; Maintenance of wooded areas; Maintenance of paths and squares; Maintenance of sports grounds with sands, synthetic and synthetic grass surfaces; Fertilizing and plant protection

Materials and Components for Construction and Maintenance

Antiseptic Wood, Wood-plastic Composites, Waterscape fountain, colorful bricks, Membrane floors, garden bricks & tiles, square bricks, garden fences, screens and windbreaks, garden sculpture urban sculpture, Materials and components for soils ; nature stones for indoor and outdoor use; cast stone for indoor and outdoor use, materials and components for irrigation and drainage, aeration; materials and components for tree protection, plant protection;

Roof Greening and Building Greening Technology

Storage and drainage; Waterproofing materials; Overhead and quarantine filters; Shading systems; energy-saving insulation materials; planted roof systems technology;

Wood Frame Construction and Bamboo Construction 

Building technology and materials of wood frame construction and bamboo construction.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Products

Landscape lighting, outdoor lights, lawn lights, underwater lights, garden lighting products, and other accessories

Playgrounds, Leisure Grounds, Sports Grounds

Equipment for playgrounds: playhouses, play tents; gymnastic/climbing and balancing equipment, hanging and net bridges, swings/seesaws/rockers/roundabouts, and other moving equipment; sandboxes, water play equipment; inflatable toys, bouncy castles ;
Equipment for leisure grounds: ball game facilities and equipment, fitness trail facilities and equipment, roller skating, cycling and skating tracks, equipment and facilities; other systems and equipment for leisure sports, obstacle courses ,climbing walls; Equipment for sports grounds: running tracks, track foundations; admission systems, turnstiles, spectator systems, facilities Display boars, video display boards and other equipment, design, planning, consulting.

Plants, Seeds, Interior Green

Seeds, turf, seed mats, perennials, bedding plants, tubers, trees and shrubs, garden ornaments, garden flowers and related supplies, Ornamental plants, turf lawns, simulation plants, and garden irrigation products, etc.

Associations, Medias, and Services

Related associations, related media, books, magazines, advertising, marketing services, consulting, planning, test stations, training 

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