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Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam (/'[email protected]/[email protected]–dam, UK also/,[email protected]’daem/[email protected]–DAM,[9] [10] Dutch: [[email protected]’dam] (listen),) is the capital of the Netherlands and the most populous. It has a population of 907–976[11] in the city itself, 1,558–755 in its urban area[6 and 2,480,394 within the metropolitan area. [12] Amsterdam is located in the Dutch province of North Holland. [13][14] Amsterdam, colloquially called the \"Venice of the North\" because of the many canals that form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. [citation needed]

Amsterdam was established at the Amstel, which was dammed to prevent flooding. The Amstel dam is the source of the city's name. [15] Amsterdam was founded as a small fishing community in the 12th century. During the Dutch Golden Age, 17th-century Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam was one of the most important ports around the world and became the centre of finance and trade. [16] The city grew and new suburbs and neighborhoods were built in the 19th and 20th century. The UNESCO World Heritage List includes the 17-century Amsterdam canals and the 19-20th-century Defence Line of Amsterdam. Sloten, which was annexed by the municipality in 1921, is the oldest area of the city. It dates back to the 9th Century.