Vancouver - Vancouver, Canada

Venue Address: Vancouver, Canada
Official Website: https://vancouver.ca/
Vancouver - Vancouver, Canada

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Official website for Vancouver. Some outdoor pools now open. Planning for change: Cambie Corridor. Residential air sealing pilot program. Get compost free of charge in May COVID-19: Vaccinations and masking. Parks, recreation, culture. Walk, bike, roll, transit. Development, property, and home.

Go outside for a refreshing swim. New Brighton and Second Beach pool are now open. Online reservations are required for admission. The outdoor pools at Maple Grove and Hillcrest will be open on June 15.

Over the next 20-years, 30,000 homes will be added to the Cambie Corridor. Find out more about our proposal to harness nature to support growth and climate change.

Be a part of the climate solution by supporting us! Register for a free upgrade to your air sealing. You could be one of 25 candidates selected.

The selection process for applicants will take place between May 15 and June 30. Get started now.

Each weekend in May, you can pick up 1 cubic metre of compost (approximately one small loader bucket) for a free fee at the dump. You must provide proof of residency.

In indoor public spaces, masks are not required. Masks are not required in indoor public spaces. Programs, events, or activities no longer require proof of vaccination.

Stanley Park is a beautiful green oasis in Vancouver's urban landscape.

We are creating a city of community that cares about its residents, environment, opportunities to live, work and prosper.