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Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address: 258 Binhai Ave, Xiuying Qu, Haikou Shi, Hainan Sheng, China, 570311

Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center is a key project identified by the Hainan Provincial Government in 2009. The initial investment is estimated at 5.7 billion yuan. It will be built into a multi-functional comprehensive area integrating conferences, exhibitions, hotels, large-scale commercial and residential buildings. Upon completion, it will become Haikou Development. An important platform and carrier of the modern service industry. The center will serve as a meeting facility for the 2011 Pan-Pearl River Delta Regional (9+2) Cooperation and Development Forum. After being put into use, it will end the history of small scale and slow development of Hainan's previous exhibitions, and become a high-end service platform for Hainan Province to hold international business and business activities. It will also be a unique “city card” in Haikou.