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Cannes - Cannes, France

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Cannes (/kaen/ ka:n/ KAN/ KAHN, French pronunciation: [kan] (listen), locally '[email protected]]; Occitan : Canas) can be found on the French Riviera. It is a commune in the Alpes Maritimes region. It hosts the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the Cannes Film Festival. It is well-known for its association with the wealthy and famous, its luxury restaurants and hotels, and its numerous conferences.

The Ligurian Oxybii founded a settlement in this area known as Aegitna, which was established around the 2nd Century BC. [3] Historians don't know what the name actually means. This area was once a fishing village that served as a port-of-call between the Lerins Islands.

It became the scene for violent, but brief conflict in 154 BC between the troops from Quintus Opimius (Oxybii) [4]

The town was called Canua in the 10th century. [5] It is possible that the name derives from \"canna\", which means reed. Canua was likely the site of a small Ligurian port and then a Roman outpost at Le Suquet, as suggested by Roman tombs found here. Le Suquet was home to an 11th-century tower that overlooked the swamps which now make up the city. The Lerins Islands were the site of most of the ancient activity, including protection. Therefore, the history of Cannes is intimately linked to the history on the islands.