Melbourne - Royal Exhibition Building, Australia

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Melbourne - Royal Exhibition Building, Australia

Melbourne - Royal Exhibition Building, Australia

Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building. Experience the Dome Promenade. About the Royal Exhibition Building. Wartime stories from the Royal Exhibition Building. Royal Exhibition Building and protection project. Museum at Home. Always open. Explore our collections online. Museums Victoria Store. Uncovering the Exhibition Building's secret WWII stories.

The Royal Exhibition Building offers a rare view that has not been seen in 100 years. This guided tour shows the Melbourne skyline, and includes an exhibit detailing the building's unique history.

The Royal Exhibition Building was built in 1880 and is a landmark in Melbourne.

During World War II the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) used the building as a training base and barracks.

The Australian Government has made a historic $20M investment in Melbourne and the Royal Exhibition Building, which have been growing together.

Royal Exhibition Building respects the Traditional Owners and pays our respects to First Peoples throughout Victoria and Australia.

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