Casablanca - Casablanca, Morocco

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Casablanca - Casablanca, Morocco

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Early history[edit]. Portuguese conquest and Spanish influence[edit]. Colonial struggle[edit]. French rule and influence[edit]. Anfa Conference[edit]. To independence[edit]. Since independence[edit]. Casablanca Group[edit]. Jewish emigration[edit]. Administrative divisions[edit]. Neighborhoods[edit].

Casablanca is also known as Dar al-Bayda in Arabic (Arabic: LdaWr lbayDa; romanized as al-Dar al-Bayda], [ad’da:ru :?]; Berber language:, romanized to anfa]) is the largest city of Morocco. Casablanca, located in central-western Morocco's Chaouia Plain, is a Global Financial Centre. It ranks 53rd globally on the Global Financial Centres Index 2021. This ranking surpasses many other cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Berlin. Casablanca is one of the Emerging International contenders and is the largest African financial center. The 2019 population estimate shows that the city is home to 3.71 million people in the urban area, and 4.27 million in Greater Casablanca. This makes it the largest city in the Maghreb and eighth in the Arab world. Casablanca is the economic and commercial center of Morocco. Rabat is the country's capital.

Casablanca is home to many multinational corporations and the top Moroccan companies. According to recent industrial statistics, Casablanca is still the country's primary industrial area. Casablanca is Morocco’s main port. The Port of Casablanca is one of the most important artificial ports in the world [3], and the second-largest port in North Africa after Tanger-Med (40km (25 mi east of Tangier). [4] Casablanca is also the main naval base of the Royal Moroccan Navy.