New Orleans - Lakefront Arena, Louisiana, USA

Venue Address: 6801 Franklin Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70122
Official Website: http://arena.uno.edu/
New Orleans - Lakefront Arena, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans - Lakefront Arena, Louisiana, USA

University of New Orleans - Lakefront Arena

HOME of the UNO PRIVATEERS. University of New Orleans.

The University of New Orleans Athletic Program has had a rich history since its inception in 1969. It was a Division II powerhouse from 1969 through 1975, winning national championships and earning national rankings. The Privateers are now a Division I member of the Southland Conference and compete in NCAA intercollegiate athletics. UNO won the Southland Conference tournament in 2017 and earned an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.For more information on our UNO Privateers: www.unoprivateers.com

University of New Orleans provides education for both full-time dreamers and doers. Our campus is for people who aren't afraid to dream big.

If you are up for the challenge, we want to see you bring your energy, ideas, perspective, and ambition to campus. UNO gets a different look every year as we welcome new students. Because it's our students who make this place unique.

Visit www.uno.edu for more information about our university.