Birmingham - Sloss Furnaces, USA


Birmingham - Sloss Furnaces, USA
Address: 20 32nd St N, Birmingham, Alabama, 35222
Birmingham - Sloss Furnaces, USA

Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark - Birmingham, Alabama Sloss Furnaces

A National Historic Landmark. After the Girls on the Run event, Sloss Furnaces will reopen at 12:00pm on Saturday April 30. For more information about Sloss Furnaces, click below. These furnaces produced a lot more than iron. It was the foundation of our entire culture. Our entire way of living. Sloss Furnaces created this video to commemorate Birmingham's 150th Anniversary. It highlights the impact of iron and steel on the growth of Birmingham, as well as the voices of those who worked in the area blast furnaces or mines.

For detailed instructions on how to reach our site, as well as how you can get around trains if they block the road, visit our directions page.

Sloss Furnaces closes every Monday. We follow the City of Birmingham holiday schedule. There are also several events that restrict public access throughout the year. This page is helpful for planning your Sloss Furnaces trip.

Sloss Furnaces is a membership organization that helps us keep the magic alive. Sloss Furnaces members contribute to education programming, and help preserve the historic site. This will ensure that these furnaces continue to be a part of our past and inspire future generations. Join a group of people who share a common belief in the importance and significance of remembering Birmingham's industrial history and the people who made this possible.

Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-4pmClosed Sundays and Mondays20 32nd Street NorthBirmingham, AL 35222\t\t\t(205) 254-2025.