Bucharest - Palace of Parliament, Romania


Bucharest - Palace of Parliament, Romania
Address: Strada Izvor 2-4, București, Romania
Website: (http://www.cdep.ro/)
Bucharest - Palace of Parliament, Romania

Bucharest - Palace of Parliament, Romania

Camera Deputatilor

Volodymyr Zelensky (President of Ukraine), delivered a speech to Parliament Monday, April 4.

The Chamber of Deputies will host a new Internship Program for students and graduates on April 18, &# 8211;.

Received from Deputy Vasilic Toma (PSD Parliamentary Group).

Associative structures at both the professional and employer levels are as important as they are complex.

Cristina Burciu (PNL Parliamentary Group), received this information.

The Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciuc is the leader of the Government. He places a special emphasis on the development of Romania's agricultural potential and on maintaining predictable food security.

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies will meet on Friday, April 29 at 12.00.

Received from Mr Iusein Ibram, Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights, Religions and Issues of National Minorities (Parliamentary Group on National Minorities).

On Wednesday, April 27, the Commission on Human Rights, Worship and the Problems of National Minorities met in a mixed (physical and electronic) system.

Viorica Sandu (PSD parlamentar group) received the information.

As a member of Committee on Budget, Finance and Banking, I presented to my fellow Members the adoption reports for the PLX 443/2021 and the PLX 218/202, which are two important projects for #Romanians.

Educational visits to the Chamber of Deputies are organized by publications and the educational center.