Sao Paulo - Centro Fecomercio de Eventos, Brazil

Venue Address: R. Dr. Plínio Barreto, 285 - Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP, 01313-020, Brazil
Official Website: http://www.fecomercio.com.br/
Sao Paulo - Centro Fecomercio de Eventos, Brazil


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Are you looking to solve legal disputes more quickly?

Possible rehiring of Christmas workers and companies is a win-win situation.

Failure to issue a notice is a crime in evasion that can lead to the removal of a company from Simples Nacional.

FecomercioSP clarifies this and other doubts on the subject;.

Learn how to begin the renegotiation a tax debt using the new rules.

The system will allow you to access it.

\"Ponto a Ponto\", which collects data and analyses the market conditions, provides information.

Retail has the chance to increase sales during a World Cup Year.

FecomercioSP supports measures to prevent companies' financial problems from getting worse.

FecomercioSP created the Taxpayer Defense desk, which facilitates communication with the Sao Paulo government.

Brazil's companies are committed to protecting customers' personal information.

FecomercioSP is a simplified way to reduce bureaucracy, lower printing costs, and archiving costs.

A project in progress aims to make the system more fair for companies.

Small businesses can take actions that don't cost money.

Publication is a combination of modern design and accessible, direct language for entrepreneurs.