Reykjavík - Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Iceland

Venue Address: 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Reykjavík - Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Iceland

About Harpa

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Harpa is one of Reykjavík’s most striking landmarks and a centre of cultural and social life in the very heart of the city. Harpa is a tourist destination and an award-winning work of art that has been visited by millions of people since opening in 2011.

Harpa, despite its young age, has won numerous awards for both architecture and concert and conference center design.

Harpa was awarded the Mies van der Rohe-European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Award in 2013. Gramophone Magazine named Harpa one of the top concert houses in the new millenium. Business Destination magazine also awarded Harpa the title of Best Conference Centre in Europe in 2016. Recently, Eldborg was a top choice for the USITT Architecture Award in Acoustic. It is a concert hall of international standard with state-of the-art acoustic technology.

Harpa is the home of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Icelandic Opera, as well as the Reykjavik Big Band. These groups hold regular concerts throughout each year. Mulinn Jazz Club, as well as Classical Sundays Series, also reside in Harpa. Both offer concerts on a regular schedule.

Since 2011, Harpa has hosted many music festivals. World-famous soloists, bands, and dance companies have performed there. Harpa hosts Upptaktinn every year, which is the children's music award. Maximus Musikus, a musical mouse, can often be seen walking around the house welcoming Harpa’s youngest guests.