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China International Energy Saving & Environmental Boiler Exhibition 2021

From April 22, 2021 09:30 until April 22, 2021 18:00
(COVID-19 Alert, We advise visitors to check event status with organizers before visiting.)


China International Energy Saving & Environmental Boiler Exhibition


Past years

China International Energy Saving & Environmental Boiler Exhibition is held in Beijing in April every year as a leading event in the industry.

In the past ten years, the IBE organizing committee, together with nearly 3,000 powerful enterprises in the industry, has demonstrated and promoted the cooperation and application of nearly 9,000 kinds of new products and equipment for nearly 100,000 domestic and foreign professional purchasing audiences.

The last "IBE international environmentally friendly boiler exhibition"

The last "IBE international environmentally friendly boiler exhibition" was held in Beijing national convention center. The successful holding of the exhibition has been highly recognized by the environmental protection authorities.Ethiopia embassy embassy in China, Pakistan, Brazil's embassy in Beijing, the German embassy, Italian embassy, Russian embassy, Spain kingdom embassy and the American embassy, the United Nations industrial development organization (unido), Canada, Asia business center, the American association of energy administration, pressure vessel, boiler association of Taiwan, 8 provinces and cities of heat supply center, the Beijing municipal environmental protection bureau, Qingdao environmental protection bureau, hebei province environmental protection bureau, China's energy research institute, national development and reform commission (NDRC), China's low carbon industry association environmental protection boiler promotion committee, China heating technology association, Beijing university, Chinese academy of sciences, the national indoor environment inside and environmental protection product qualityAmount of supervision and inspection center, China indoor decoration association, China's indoor environmental monitoring working committee, Beijing building energy saving research and development center, blue sky low carbon environmental protection center of China, Beijing ZhuZong group company technology development center, the ministry, China energy conservation association, the China construction metal structure association, China real estate association, the urban development institute and department leaders to attend and witness the event.CCTV news channel, Beijing TV, Hong Kong commercial radio, France TV, China education television, China Radio International, China education television program department, Hong Kong cable TV, xiamen TV, sohu video, CCTV 10 "light of science and technology" and other nearly 20 TV media units live coverage

China International Energy Saving & Environmental Boiler Exhibition

China International Energy Saving & Environmental Boiler Exhibition provides the attendees with the opportunity to explore the exhibit of products like power station boilers, water treatment equipment, boiler and system pumps, air source heat pump, and much more. It focuses on vigorously developing new heating equipment, promote the new use of clean energy, and share clean water and blue sky.


Comprehensive information of the exhibition
  • Exhibition theme: vigorously develop new heating equipment, promote the use of clean energy, and share the clear water and blue sky
  • Venue: Beijing national convention center (east of bird's nest)
  • Exhibition scale: 10,000 square meters
  • Number of booths: 523


Exhibition area classification
  • hanging furnace exhibition area
  • electric heating pump exhibition area
  • floor heating and water heating exhibition area
  • accessories supporting exhibition area
  • new wind purification exhibition area
  • water purification exhibition area
  • comprehensive exhibition area


Exhibits range

1. Boiler equipment and related products and technology exhibition area

2. Wall hanging furnace equipment and related technology exhibition area

3. Exhibition area of electric heating, air energy and other related technologies

4. Exhibition area for supporting products of burners, heat exchangers and other boiler accessories

5. Water treatment, desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal and other environmental protection equipment exhibition area

6. Energy saving and emission reduction technology and product exhibition area

7. Exhibition area of radiators, heat metering, floor heating, plumbing and other products

8. Solar water heater related products and technology exhibition area

9. Exhibition area of biomass energy and related equipment

10. Exhibition area for new technologies and products of other heating and heating equipment

11. Exhibition area of fresh air, purification, water purification and other products and technologies


Audience sources
  • agents, distributors and wholesalers;
  • construction engineering company, contractor, architectural design institute, designer, interior designer;
  • real estate developers, property management companies, heating companies, heating companies;
  • boiler and heating related products and equipment manufacturers and accessories manufacturers;
  • hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, clubs, baths, hotels, Banks, factories and other places;
  • relevant representatives of government, association and common facilities management departments;
  • TV stations, print media, Internet media and other media units;
  • investment and financing institutions and others;

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