JUNWEX Petersburg 2024

JUNWEX Petersburg
From February 01, 2024 until February 05, 2024
Saint Petersburg - Expoforum, Russia
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

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These are the main events at the exhibition. Designer's Day at JUNWEX, Petersburg. Amber Day at the exhibition. Official permission has been granted for the exhibition.

February 01-05 2024
International Jewelry Exhibition XXXII.

Everyone who attends fashion shows is anticipating the Day of Jewelers of the Sakha Republic, the Day of Kaliningrad Jewelers, and of course the Day of Designers.

Grab your free ticket to the exhibition and show it off on your smartphone screen.

It is easy to get to the museum from any part of the city. We will help you find the best route.

The master class, "The Art of Hot Enamel", will be offered to guests. It will include an introduction with the designer of wedding gowns and a meeting of a stylist who will assist in creating a capsule wardrobe.

The Day of Kaliningrad Jewelers will take place on February 3. Experts will discuss the healing powers of amber, as well as how amber can be used in interior and SPA-complexes today.

We document the authorization to host the exhibition JUNWEX Moscow-2022.

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Saint Petersburg - Expoforum, Russia Saint Petersburg - Expoforum, Russia


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