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Electric Power Asia and Smart Grid Expo Asia, Clean Power and Energy Storage Technology Expo Asia 2021

From September 23, 2021 until September 25, 2021


 The southern power grid of China southern grid media co., LTD, and Guangzhou bo optimal exhibition service co., LTD. Jointly organized the fourth session of Asia and the smart grid exhibition on electric power, Jinan square grid technology exhibition will be held in China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall, an exhibition held in Guangzhou international wire and cable and accessories, the exhibition is expected to total scale of 60000 square meters, more than 800 exhibitors and 50000 people from more than 40 countries and regions to visit. The exhibition has become the most influential power industry event in China and is committed to building an efficient business communication platform for manufacturers and decision-makers in the region. The exhibition covers a wide range of power product categories and brings together leading domestic and foreign brands to meet the industry's growing demand and development trend. At the same time, it helps suppliers, distributors, and exporters to explore target customers and create new business opportunities.

Product Categories
  • Power generation equipment and technology exhibition area: thermal power & hydropower & wind power & nuclear power plant equipment and accessories industrial electricity
  • Intelligent power transmission and transformation equipment exhibition area: switch equipment, complete sets of high and low voltage equipment, transformer & accessories, digital substation, conductor & wire and cable, arrester & insulator, tower, power quality, harmonic control & reactive power compensation, power electronics, instrumentation, power fittings, bus, etc
  • Power grid dispatching/control/security check exhibition area: SCADA/EMS/DMS system, power grid dispatching system, power plant automation, distribution network automation device, substation integrated automation, relay protection device, large-screen display system, power system simulation, power inspection robot, information management automation, fault diagnosis and self-healing device, etc
  • Power communication and information exhibition area: Internet of things technology, industrial Ethernet, optical fiber and cable, software and hardware, power carrier, wireless communication, information management system, monitoring equipment, etc
  • Intelligent metering and electricity management exhibition area: intelligent meter & chip, data collection & management, components, etc
  • Electrical accessories exhibition area: cabinet, low-voltage appliances, cable accessories & connectors, electromagnetic wire, wiring terminals, insulation materials, electrical alloys, electrical equipment, wiring equipment
  • Construction equipment and safety protection exhibition area: construction vehicles, maintenance tools, aerial work equipment, electrical safety tools
  • Clean energy exhibition area: solar power generation technology and equipment, wind power generation equipment and technology, distributed energy generation technology
  • Energy storage technology exhibition area: various energy storage technologies, various energy storage solutions, energy storage users, etc
  • Charging pile technology and equipment exhibition area: electric vehicle charging equipment and accessories, charging station construction and operation solutions
  • Power electronics exhibition area: power semiconductor components and modules, integrated circuits, passive components, electromagnetic and magnetic materials, heat management, sensors, power management systems, measurement, and testing
  • Other power supporting exhibition area: various supporting components, materials, and production equipment supporting the production and manufacturing of power equipment
  • Scientific and technological achievements and employee innovation exhibition area of China's southern power grid.

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