Farnham Children's Business Fair 2023

Farnham Children's Business Fair
From December 02, 2023 until December 02, 2023
Farnham - Farnham Maltings, England, UK
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

Children's Business Fair UK | The next, great entrepreneurs

Be the next great entrepreneur. Our sponsors are greatly appreciated. Guildford Children's Fair. Camberley Children's Business Fair. Guildford Children's Fair Farnham Children's Business Fair Crawley Children’s Business Fair. What is the Children's Business Fair? What is the Children's Business Fair?

Children's Business Fair UK offers young entrepreneurs aged 7-17 an opportunity to start their own business, sell real products to real customers, and earn their own money.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating new products. The past businesses included hand-made inventions, baked goods and jewellery, t-shirts and decorative crafts.

Future leader, captain or industry millionaire? Launch your business today!

Create a marketing plan, develop a brand or product, create a service...

Then, we'll open the doors to our marketplace for a one-day event.

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Farnham - Farnham Maltings, England, UK Farnham - Farnham Maltings, England, UK


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