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China International Modern Fishery and Fishery Science and Technology Expo

From June 21, 2019 09:00 until June 23, 2019 18:00
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China International Modern Fishery and Fishery Science and Technology Expo


The exhibition to introduce

In order to promote the supply-side structural reform of fishery, promote the transformation of fishery mode and structure, accelerate the transformation of Chinese fishery from traditional fishery to modern fishery, and realize the modernization of fishery, China international modern fishery and fishery science and technology expo was held at Binhu international convention and exhibition center in Hefei with the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.


The exposition hosted by the Chinese fishery association

The exposition hosted by the Chinese fishery association, set up to undertake international exhibition co., LTD in Anhui agricultural NongCunBu Yangtze river fishery supervision and management office, the national aquaculture technology promotion station, China fisheries research institute, China science and technology news institute, Anhui provincial agriculture committee, South Korea is aquatic, Han Guoshui association may, Japan's fisheries and other units to support. The exhibition will set up a fishery science and technology exhibition area, fishery modern equipment and intelligent facilities exhibition area, modern aquatic food exhibition area, fishery culture exhibition area, recreational fishery exhibition area, fishery information exhibition area, overseas exhibition area, and regional characteristic aquatic products exhibition area. At the same time, the exhibition will also hold a number of activities such as fishery science and technology supporting rural revitalization BBS, international pufferfish association exchange meeting, fishery science and technology achievement award application training meeting, modern fishery technology model report meeting, leading entrepreneurs of fishery industry in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and award ceremony of new era fishery industry emerging entrepreneurs.


The total exhibition area is 32,000 square meters, with eight exhibition areas

1. Fishery Science and technology exhibition area: national fishery technology promotion department, fishery science, and technology research department, relevant colleges and universities, fishery science and technology enterprises, relevant units and enterprises with advanced technology that can be used in fishery industry are invited to participate. Display the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and scientific research projects of fishery, as well as the latest scientific and technological achievements and technologies in the fields of breeding, breeding, fishing, processing and far-reaching sea development, publicize and popularize the scientific and technological achievements of fishery and promote the transformation and application of the achievements and technologies.

2. Intelligent fishery exhibition area: exploration and application of the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technology in the fishery. It includes intelligent farming systems, dynamic fish monitoring systems, fishery product tracking system, real-time aquatic products trading platform, fishery mutual insurance, aquatic products processing management system, intelligent water quality monitoring and early warning system, intelligent logistics, intelligent warehouse management system, etc. We will use big data to benefit fisheries and make aquaculture, processing, fishing, and markets more intelligent and information-based.

3. The exhibition area of modern fishery equipment and intelligent facilities: automatic operation, energy saving, emission reduction and other modern equipment, facilities and instruments used in fishing, breeding, processing, warehousing, transportation, fishery feed, quality and safety testing and other fields. By displaying advanced equipment and new models, facilities, etc., we can effectively improve the ecological, precise, mechanized and information-based level of fishery equipment and engineering, so as to achieve the goal of "ecology, quality, and efficiency" of the modern fishery.

4. Fishery exhibition area with regional characteristics and advantages: display the development status of modern fishery in provinces, cities, and regions, rich in fishery products with local characteristics and characteristic fishery economy, etc., to build regional advantages industries, with the participation of groups of provinces, cities, and regions.

5. Modern aquatic products exhibition area: with the continuous improvement of residents' consumption concept and consumption level, as well as the gradual improvement of the layout of cold-chain logistics industry, the consumption of the aquatic product market is gradually expanding from coastal cities to inland cities, and consumers' demand for refined processed aquatic products will continue to rise.

Focus on the display of aquatic products convenient and fast food, aquatic leisure tourism food, aquatic deep processing products, aquatic health care food, aquatic skincare and beauty products, aquatic food and drug products such as high value-added aquatic products.

6. Fishery input products/aquatic animal protection exhibition area: with the upgrading of the aquaculture model and the improvement of technology, aquatic input products/animal health products have developed rapidly in recent years, becoming a big industry with tens of billions of yuan and a large space for growth. The exhibition area mainly displays aquatic feed, fishery drugs, additives, water quality improvers, micro-ecological preparations, fishery fertilizers and so on.

7. Recreational fishery/fishery culture exhibition area: recreational fishery formats and products such as tourism in the fishing area, Yujia le, recreational fishery base, modern fishing port, recreational fishing boat, ornamental fish, aquarium equipment, fishing equipment, etc. At the same time, it will display and publicize intangible cultural heritage projects of fishery culture, fishery folk customs, representative fishing gear, and models, fishery painting and photography works, fish extension, fish carving, fish pottery, fish weaving, fishery culture paper cutting, sand painting, handicrafts, etc.

8. Overseas exhibition area: relevant units from countries and regions that have close contacts with aquatic products trade in China are invited to visit and participate in the exhibition, so as to promote international aquatic products trade and strengthen international fishery science and technology exchanges.

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