China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition 2023

China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition
From April 20, 2023 until April 22, 2023
Nanjing - Nanjing International Exhibition Center, China
+86 10 62115995
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)


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InterWeighing, an international weighing industry trade show, is organized once a year by the China Weighing Instrument Association. It is the largest trade fair specializing on weighing industries around the globe.

InterWeighing was successful in 1995, 1997 and 1999. It also took place in 2001 2020.

InterWeighing covers a variety of non-automatic and automatic weighing devices, as well as all types of scales.

InterWeighing's influence and scale have grown steadily over the years, thanks to careful cultivation. InterWeighing is the largest professional weighing instrument show in the world. InterWeighing is the largest annual industry event. InterWeighing has helped to promote global weighing product trade and strengthened technological and economic exchanges among international weighing industry circles.

The InterWeighing2020, held at Nanjing on 17-19 September 2020 was a huge success. Despite being affected by covid-19 the exhibition's scale was reduced. The fair still saw 202 exhibitors. This fair occupied nearly 14,000 square metres of exhibition space. We are looking forward to repeating this success at InterWeighing2022. In the meantime, the link below will allow you to review the 2020 event.

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China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition

InterWeighing is an international weighing industry expo organized by China Weighing Instrument Association (CWIA) once every year. It is the largest trade show specializing in weighing industries in the world.

The scope and contents of InterWeighing are various non-automatic weighing instruments, automatic weighing instruments, all kinds of scales, balance, weighing system, indicator, load cell, weights, testing instrument and device, electronic component and materials used in weighing instrument.

After years of careful cultivation

After years of careful cultivation, the scale and influence of InterWeighing have been growing steadily. Today, InterWeighing has become the world's largest and highest international quality professional weighing instrument exhibition. The annual InterWeighing event has become the grandest annual industry event in the world. InterWeighing has strengthened the economic and technological exchanges and cooperation among the international weighing industry circles and has helpfully promoted the development of global weighing products trade.


The InterWeighing help at Shanghai was a resounding success

The InterWeighing help at Shanghai was a resounding success. A total of 408 exhibitors took an active part in this fair. They came from 21 provinces in mainland China, as well as the USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Finland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, and China Taiwan and Hongkong. The exhibition area of this fair was nearly 30,000 square meters.  We look forward to repeating that success at the InterWeighing, but in the meantime, you can review the event through the link of InterWeighing.


According to the statistics

According to the statistics, visitors admissions to the InterWeighing last year totaled over 11000. The visitors came from 31 provinces of China Mainland and 80 countries & regions. 16% of of visitors were from Shanghai local; 74.5% visitors were from other regions of China Mainland; 9.5% visitors came from out of China Mainland. Among the visitors of China Mainland, there were 67% of of visitors who were from the east region of China. Among the oversea' s visitors, the countries & regions of visitors number over 20 were India, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, USA, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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Nanjing - Nanjing International Exhibition Center, China Nanjing - Nanjing International Exhibition Center, China


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