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China (Weihai) Fishing Gear Manufacturing Center Expo 2021

From October 24, 2021 09:30 until October 26, 2021 18:00
(COVID-19 Alert, We advise visitors to check event status with organizers before visiting.)

China (Weihai) Fishing Gear Manufacturing Center Expo

About CGC Expo

It is well known that from the year of 2008, the world financial crisis was coming by the impact of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis. As a result, the world’s economy had to face unprecedented difficulty. Consumer demands dropped sharply, and the unemployment rate roared up. Under such circumstance, the business of Chinese fishing tackle industry was seriously affected because most of the wholesalers and retailers mainly focused on selling stocks while rarely purchase from China. Evidence could also be found from other international fishing tackle shows such as ICAST and EFTTEX. For Chinese manufacturers, in the meanwhile burdened with RMB appreciation and increasing labor cost and raw materials, it was very hard to survive when buyers cut their orders. It was the time to find some new opportunities, and CGC Expo is thus born as required!

A gateway to the Chinese market:

To reduce the bad impact caused by the world financial crisis, CGC Expo was born in 2008 in Weihai which was regarded as the largest fishing tackles producing 80% fishing tackle products in the world. Furthermore, Chinese domestic market demands are huge, in the past three years during CGC Expo, numerous Chinese buyers from all over the country will come and visit the show, including the wholesalers, retailers and fishing tackle shops. As they said in the interview, CGC Expo is very comfortable to visit for purchase. Therefore, for international buyers who want to enter the Chinese domestic market, CGC Expo will be a brilliant choice.


Three top reasons for showing your products at the CGC Expo:

● Minimize your cost for maximizing your competitiveness

“Budget show is our slogan; low price is our target; the lower, the better”. The exhibition hall renting, booth fee, booth construction, accommodation, and on-site services will all be at a lower costs level, but with no compromise with the quality of the exhibition.

● CGC is a valued gate for expending to China

As we all know, for the industry of fishing tackle, the world’s needs were getting down in the recent years, but in China, the market shows great potential and power that we need to focus on. In order to help producers to gain more opportunities and benefits from Chinese huge market, we hold the CGC Expo since 2008 as we arrange it more domestic and most Chinese buyers or traders with a big size will be invited by us to attend our show.

● Huge market needs for accessories product, high-tech machines & raw materials

In Weihai city, there are over 600 fishing tackle producers, and also many exhibitors who are from out of Weihai will come too, so that the needs for accessories product, high-tech machines & raw materials will be pretty much due to the Chinese producing ability is not so high by now, you may have your business with the many Chinese producers straightly.

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