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International Adhesive tape Protective Films & Functional Film Expo 2022

From May 18, 2022 until May 20, 2022
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First held by fuya exhibition in 2007

First held by fuya exhibition in 2007, it is now firmly in the honored position of global tape and film brand exhibition."APFE" total to 53500 ㎡ (5.1 + 6.1)), is expected to attract more than 900 Chinese and foreign enterprises to participate in, from the photoelectric, electronics, communications, automotive, medical, PV, lithium battery, aerospace, electrical appliances, such as flexible packaging industry at home and abroad, 39000 participants show a new generation of new material and function of membrane adhesive material products and technology solutions.

"APFE" is rooted in Shanghai, with a global outlook, and continues to lead the new future of tape and film industry!


The last exhibition in Shanghai held a national conference and exhibition center (Hongqiao)

The last exhibition in Shanghai held a national conference and exhibition center (Hongqiao), the exhibition area of 43500 square meters (booth, 1955), from more than 700 exhibitors to participate in the world. The conference attracted 23892 professional visitors from over 30 countries and regions to visit, the audience comes mainly from flexible packaging, electronics, photoelectricity, automobile, energy, home appliances, communications, energy, foreign trade, such as purchasing hot fields.


Product Category:

◆ adhesive tape: all kinds of film, paper, cloth, foil, foam and other materials of adhesive tape products, including substrate double-sided tape, adhesive protective film, adhesive labels (adhesive labels) and other adhesive products and release materials.

◆ protective film: PE, PET, OPP, PVC, BOPP, TPU, and another process protective film and scratch/explosion/dazzle/peep protection and other functional protective films, including self-adhesive protective film, electrostatic protective film and release film/paper and other auxiliary materials.

◆ functional film: 1) optical film (brightening film, diffusion film, reflection film, polarizing film, brightening composite film, light guide film and another optical grade film for backlight/display);2) photoelectric/screen film (optical protective film, hardening film/scratch film/anti-peep film/explosion-proof film/anti-dazzle film, ITO film, OCA optical adhesive, etc.);3) film for flexible packaging (aluminized film, barrier film, highlight film, printing film, etc.);4) intelligent window film/heat insulation film/automobile film (laminating film)/ dimming film/reflective film, etc.;5) energy film (photovoltaic film/battery membrane/water treatment film);6) IMD decorative film, graphite thermal conductivity film, insulating film, antistatic film, laser film, nano film, PC/PMMA film and other functional films.

◆ production equipment and instruments: various film and tape manufacturing process feeding, coating, drying, coiling, laminating, rewinding, cutting, die-cutting, packaging and other related equipment. Including precision coating equipment, slitting machine, slitting machine, rewinding machine, compound machine, automatic cutting machine, cutting/die cutting equipment, laminating, winding equipment, mould, blade, the membrane equipment, moulding machine, tension control device, struggle system, static eliminator, roller, wire drawing machine, corona treatment, surface treatment equipment, drying equipment, UV curing coating equipment, clean, protective system, analysis/measurement/test equipment and related control system, the related packaging and printing equipment, etc.

◆ raw materials and chemical products: all kinds of raw materials and chemical products for film and tape production, including adhesive, release agent, resin, silica gel, glue, solvent, wax, hot melt adhesive, auxiliary agent, ink and all kinds of auxiliary materials.


The achievements of "APFE", the initiator of the global professional exhibition of adhesive tape and film, are making progress in the world

1. The first exhibition in the industry, a magnificent presentation

"APFE" is the first professional exhibition of adhesive tape and film held by fuya exhibition in 2007. The total scale of this year will reach 53,500 square meters, and there will be more than 900 enterprises participating in the exhibition, which will provide you with excellent business opportunities to harvest industrial development opportunities and business results.


2. Industrial integration and platform integration

"APFE" integrates the material market application and manufacturing and processing technology in-depth platform integration platform, set technology exchange, trade cooperation, new product release, brand promotion in one, forming the industry's "new technology, new products, new ideas, new market" release and discussion of a powerful gathering place. The audience mainly comes from the industry and terminal purchasers, such as automobile, electronics, photoelectric, energy, printing, flexible packaging, foreign trade, and other hot purchasing fields -- more than 39,000 merchants will come to the exhibition to help you grasp more business opportunities!


3, the top exhibition hall, great exhibition

At present, Shanghai national convention and exhibition center is the exhibition complex of the largest single building in the world. It is a big stage for domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation, and infinite business opportunities. It is the most ideal place to hold large-scale exhibitions in Shanghai.

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