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Shanghai International Outdoor Cycling Products Fair

From May 06, 2020 until May 09, 2020
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Shanghai International Outdoor Cycling Products Fair

With the increasing prosperity of China's bicycle consumption market, on the one hand, the domestic bicycle industry is sharing the dividends brought by the reform and opening up, and the domestic and foreign markets are thriving, and win more international market shares through the platform of "China exhibition".On the other hand, domestic and foreign bicycle brands are optimistic about the Chinese bicycle market, and want to show their strength and achievements in the bicycle field through the "China exhibition", a bridge connecting the Chinese and foreign bicycle markets.

Introduction to China cycling association

Founded in 1985, China bicycle association is a national organization of China bicycle industry. It is a non-profit social organization and legal person. It is voluntarily composed of the bicycle, electric bicycle, and its parts manufacturers, as well as related production and trade enterprises, scientific research and teaching institutions and local associations. 

The association has nearly 500 group members, and its annual output and export volume accounts for 80% of the total volume of the industry. 

The aim of the association is to collect the power of the industry, handle the business of the industry, serve the industry and promote the development of the industry.


Six pavilions:

1. The theme pavilions

2. Transmission control parts (Taiwan-funded) and tire pavilion

3. Bicycle complete vehicle museum and transmission control parts museum

4. International brand and bicycle museum

5. Buggy pavilion, cycling outdoor equipment exhibition

6. Electric bicycle and spare parts exhibition, cycling outdoor equipment exhibition

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