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China International Motorcycle & Parts Fair

From May 06, 2020 until May 09, 2020
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China International Motorcycle & Parts Fair

China international motorcycle, electric vehicle and parts fair is an important exhibition approved by the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China. Representing the overall strength and development level of China's motorcycle industry, it is a platform for Chinese and foreign motorcycle, electric vehicle and parts enterprises to display, trade, exchange and cooperate. China motorcycle chamber of commerce and Italy motorcycle and bicycle exhibition company (Eicma Spa) cooperate to establish"


The development of the motorcycle industry in China in recent 30 years

The motorcycle pavilion fully displays the development achievements of China's motorcycle industry in the past 30 years and the image of independent brand establishment promoted by technological progress. And invite overseas well-known manufacturers and buyers to the meeting, to promote the cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises in electric vehicles, high-end large displacement motorcycles, scooters, important parts, famous brand motorcycle supplies and other aspects.To improve the overall level of China's motorcycle industry, promote enterprise transformation and upgrading, to achieve leap-forward development and other aspects play a positive role.


The last China international motorcycle

The last China international motorcycle, electric vehicle and its parts fair was a professional exhibition in the world. The exhibition has become a great opportunity for the world's motorcycle and accessories companies to dominate the Asian market and enhance their brands.

Exhibition scope:
  • Complete vehicles: two-wheel motorcycle, three-wheel motorcycle, electric vehicle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), moped, moped, snowmobile, scooter, special purpose vehicle, electric vehicle, moped, scooter, thinking car, electric unicycle, balance car, electric bicycle, special purpose vehicle, etc
  • Parts area: motorcycle parts, electric vehicle parts, engine and parts, frame, clutch, brake, shock absorber, motorcycle electrical appliances, tires, wheel hub, battery, power lithium battery, charging equipment, motor, drive system, etc
  • Supplies area: motorcycle products, electric products, general fuel oil machine, new energy, high-end products, motorcycle, motorcycle service products such as culture, technology and service products, motorcycle clothing and gear, helmets and other protective supplies, model, decorative supplies, motorcycles, travel and outdoor products, energy-saving and new energy technology and related products, media (magazines, websites, etc.), certification and insurance institutions, clubs, etc
  • Equipment and maintenance supplies: Motorcycle production and repair equipment and tools, modification equipment and supplies, motorcycle shop equipment, lubricating oil, packaging materials, general fuel engine, general steam (diesel) oil engine, generator set, water pump set, multi-functional agricultural machinery, etc

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