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Guangzhou Imported Food Expo

From September 26, 2019 until September 28, 2019
Categories: Food & Beverages

Guangzhou Imported Food Expo

China is one of the largest markets for imported food in the world, and south China is one of the largest consumption areas in the whole Chinese market, while Guangzhou is an important entrance to the south China market.FOOD2CHINAEXPO is the only professional exhibition in south China dedicated to the field of imported food. Every year, it attracts more than 800 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions and over 10,000 professional buyers.FOOD2CHINA EXPO is a great opportunity to expand your business, brand, and network in southern China.

Product Categories:
  •  Snack food and candy section
    Pastries, candies, preserves, biscuits, confectionery products with nucleoli, nuts, dried fruits, chocolates, other chocolate and cocoa products, casual snacks, other candies, etc.;
  •  Meat and seafood section
    Fresh meat, frozen meat, meat products, canned meat, meat convenience foods, fresh fish, fresh shellfish and seafood, frozen fish and seafood, fish products, seafood products, semi-fresh seafood and fish products, seafood convenience products, etc.
  •  Food and seasoning section
    Frozen fruits and vegetables, sliced fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables, agricultural products, canned foods, ready-to-eat food and soup products, seasonings, oils, baked goods, etc.
  •  Wine and beer
    Beer and mixed beer drinks, wine and sparkling wine, spirits, alcoholic drinks, etc.;
  •  Coffee and tea drinking area
    Coffee, tea, cocoa, non-alcoholic beverages, etc.
  •  Health and maternal and infant food area
    Milk and dairy products, milk, cheese, butter and cream products, dairy products, eggs and egg products, organic food products, frozen organic produce, organic dairy products and dairy products, organic bread, spread and hot drinks, beverage, pregnant women and their babies, organic food, maternal and child nutrition, non-prescription drugs/over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, health food and nutrition, functional food, etc.;
  • Service and equipment area
    Third-party service enterprises related to customs clearance, traceability, storage and logistics, e-commerce platform, cold chain transportation, supply chain finance, food production, packaging, and transportation equipment, trade press, IT service, and other services.


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