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China (Shanghai) International Amusement Equipment Exhibition

From March 31, 2020 until April 02, 2020
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Exhibition summary

At present, with the rapid development of the amusement industry, the operation of water parks, indoor parks, theme parks, and resorts has gradually matured and been modeled. In order to stabilize the sustainability of the attraction of the playground to tourists, the upgrading of amusement equipment and the continuous expansion of extensible products in the industrial chain are particularly important. Industry exhibitions are precisely trade platforms that can bring together new products and new technologies. For this reason, the " Shanghai International Amusement Equipment Exhibition" came into being. It will be held at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, which is currently large in scale, influential and convenient in transportation. In order to better enhance the value of the exhibition and meet the needs of exhibitors and users, based on the development concept of providing a wider business platform for the entire industry and injecting more fresh elements into the amusement industry, this exhibition will focus on cross-border cooperation as The core is to promote the healthy and stable development of the industry through creative innovation and promote technical exchanges and cooperation between industries. Relying on the rich resources of the organizer Shanghai Lilai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. to create a grand event for the entertainment industry.
At the same time, in order to enhance the value and competitiveness of the exhibition, we curate and promote the lifestyle show held in Shanghai at the same time.


Exhibits Range 
  • Park and playground amusement facilities: roller coasters, scooters, Ferris wheels, bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, observation cars, sightseeing ropeways, amusement robots, karts, and other swing and swing amusement machines. Remote control equipment, community fitness equipment, inflatable amusement equipment;
  • Water amusement equipment: wave-making equipment, water slides, bumper boats, yachts, models, water fountains, water treatment equipment, optoelectronic combined equipment, rafting equipment;
  • Children's amusement equipment: Children's playground franchise and brand authorization, children's professional experience park, indoor brand parent-child park, brand children's park, franchise preschool education consulting agency, children's development training program, children's skills training chain, animation authorized products, authorized toys, Dolls Dolls, light and shadow books, interactive puzzle games and equipment, etc .; children's playground equipment, inflatable toys, kindergarten activity facilities, kindergarten toys;
  • Amusement products: amusement machines, VR equipment, remote control equipment, simulated golf, arcade machines, home games and peripherals, online games, basketball machines, interactive games, doll machines, sticker cameras, various entertainment machines, puzzles and entertainment Facilities, PC games, TV games, mobile games, and related technical equipment.
  • Amusement accessories: various coin acceptors, color plates, displays (tubes), converters, touch screens, buttons, power supplies, game tokens, etc.
    Admission system: tickets; ticket-checkers; coins & currency counters; wristbands.
    Industry-related: game-related media, publications, game software development, game talent training institutions, etc.
Target audience

1. Various theme parks, water parks, tourist attractions, film and television bases, resorts, clubs, supermarkets, etc.
2. Museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls (halls), aquariums, memorial halls, establishments and operating agencies, and property management companies;
3. Developers of various theme industrial parks and theme industrial parks;
4. National planning and design departments and related procurement departments;
5. Developers of various cultural tourism and commercial real estate;
6. Acting dealers of amusement equipment, amusement machines, and owners of game halls;
7. Related derivative product licensors, manufacturers, agents, distributors, retailers;
8. Relevant education departments, schools, training institutions;
9. People engaged in sports goods dealers, the entertainment industry and other industries.
10. Insurance and risk institutions;
11.Others who are concerned about theme parks and cultural tourism industries;
12. Game developers, operators, publishers, software and hardware service providers, scientific research institutions, etc ;


Exhibition advantages

1. Only open to traders, professionals, and buyers. High-quality and stable trade visitors achieve the value of the exhibition.
2. In-depth cooperation with foreign amusement exhibitions, magazines, and website organizations to introduce foreign high-quality suppliers and buyers.
3, bringing together many well-known companies at home and abroad, the quality and influence of the exhibition have been rapidly improved.
4. A number of media participated in the whole report, and the participating brands and products could get a high appearance rate.
5. In-depth cooperation with cutting-edge media and amusement-related associations to keep track of the development of the pulse industry and keep an eye on market demand.
6. During the exhibition, there will be a variety of supporting activities to meet the needs of different exhibitors.
7. Gather all kinds of products and exhibits in the amusement industry, presenting industry trends and trends.
8, exhibition channels: subway, bus, elevator, attention number, outdoor anti-aircraft artillery, television stations, radio stations, peer exhibitions, direct mail EDM, major search engines, industry magazines, is bound to detonate the audience.


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