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Beijing International Tourism Commodities and Equipment Fair(BITCF)

From October 18, 2019 09:00 until October 20, 2019 18:00
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Beijing International Tourism Commodities and Equipment Fair(BITCF)

The Beijing International Tourism Commodities and Equipment Fair(BITCF)

Beijing International Tourism Commodities and Equipment Fair(BITCF), was organized by the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau. It was a large expo of comprehensive tourism commodities and equipment. Supporting by National Tourism Administration and Provincial Tourism Commission. The BITCF was held successfully seven times. The exhibition scale effect improved step by step. The platform and the agglomeration effect was more significant.

The exhibition will design 6 exhibit areas. Including Beijing Area 、Provincial and international area、Winter tourism theme area、 unmanned trail equipment area、tourism commodities and equipment theme area 、 tea and tourist culture theme area. We will expect more than 100,000 audiences attend the exhibition. The sum of the business transaction from the B2C platform will more than 1 billion RMB. We will invite and facilitate about 400 high-quality exhibitors and partners to reach cooperation agreements and intentions. The total amount will be expected to more than 2 billion RMB.

The BITCF went through the ways for leading brand ,supporting platform,policies direction,broadcasting by media and finding cooperation to the effective supply of Beijing tourism commodities and equipment industry. It optimized the environment of domestic tourism commodities and equipment. Led the direction of shopping consumption. The BITCF will be the high level of international branding and marketing expo. It will supply a good communication platform for different provinces and tourist enterprises in tourism commodities and equipment areas.

Nowadays, BITCF has already become a very important exhibition platform which has huge affections in tourist industry comprehensive exhibitions, tourism commodities, and equipment trades. We will add new elements this year and improve the brand affections and service standard, invite the main media of international and domestic to strengthen the marketing efforts. To invite more professional buyers for improving the volume of business. Hope to create more economic and brand values.

Here, the BITCF will invite sincerely all tourist competent authorities, different departments of tourism and organize actively high-level buyers and professional audiences to attend the exhibition. To improve all trades of exhibitors & affections of brands, build the strategic cooperation relationship and make the win-win situation come true.

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