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Shenzhen International Medical Tourism Fair

From September 04, 2020 09:00 until September 06, 2020 18:00
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Shenzhen International Medical Tourism  Fair

The quality of medical resources in China is very scarce. The cross-border medical market is unprecedentedly huge

collar workers are in a "sub-health" state, the most serious phenomenon among elites and corporate executives, the sub-health ratio is as high as 91% and 86% respectively. Meanwhile, the huge population has led to a shortage of high-quality medical resources in China. Coupled with the problems of the advanced technologies and new drugs, the Chinese people's demand for health has increased dramatically, and the demand for quality medical services has surpassed that of any other country.

Shenzhen International Medical Tourism  Fair

Exhibition area:
  • Medical institutions and general hospitals
  • Specialist hospitals and clinics
  • Health management and physical examination center
  • Beauty hospital, Korean beauty body
  • Births and services, yuezi club
  • New medical technology, new equipment
  • High-end care, private doctors
  • Telemedicine, mobile medicine
  • Private tour
  • Tourism board/medical tourism association
  • Hotels and high-end resorts
  • Anti-aging hospitals and clubs
  • Health and wellness club
  • Medical insurance
  • Medical research institutions, media
  • Dental clinic

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