Batimatec 2022

From May 15, 2022 until May 19, 2022
(COVID-19 Alert, Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

Official Website https://www.batimatecexpo.com/page.php?id=160

Mohammadia - Palais des Expositions, Algeria




BATIMATEC 2022. BATIMATEC EXPO / SAFEX Palais des expositions Alger
Du 15 au 19 mai 2022. Telechargement : Rapport du salon Batimatec 2021. Dossier de participation BATIMATEC 2022. Dossier de participation BATIMATEC 2022 en arabe. Fiche Technique Batimatec 2022. DATA SHEET BATIMATEC 2022. Ouverture des inscriptions.

You are invited to register your company online on the Batimatec 2022 organization. Create a profile, choose the Batimatec fair and you'll find all the elements you need for an online registration.

Registration is required. We also inform you that we have a Safex Sales Department team available to assist you in any way you need.

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Mohammadia - Palais des Expositions, Algeria

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