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Guangzhou International Health Care Industry Exposition 2022

From September 15, 2022 until September 17, 2022
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In recent years, China's health care industry is in a stage of rapid development, which is driven by economic development, supported by policies and regulations, and promoted by the general public. In the next decade, the big health industry will usher in a new round of explosion."Healthy China" has been elevated as a national strategy. The health industry is growing rapidly. It is estimated that the market size of health products in China will reach 181.6 billion yuan in 2020.
Guangzhou as south China regional medical center and medicine circulation center, medical and health care infrastructure, medical resources average PeiZhiLv were higher than the national average and formed a complete medical. Health care, pension, health care, and health insurance health diversified service networks, such as medical services, radiation in south China and Southeast Asia. As the center of traditional Chinese medicine culture in Lingnan, guangzhou has also established the traditional Chinese medicine industry. Under the new and significant historic opportunity, the guangzhou health industry will expand its territory in the emerging fields and promote the integration of the health industry with the Internet, intelligent medical treatment, and organic health food.

Product Categories

1. Health food: dietary health food, nutrition-enhancing food, probiotics, health food raw materials, beauty slimming products, curative health care products, enzymes, nourishing health wine, health care function tea, nutritional catering, etc.
2, sleep functional household: new materials such as latex/memory cotton function health pillow, magnetic therapy/graphene multifunctional mattress, anti-radiation functional household products, household ventilator/sleep ventilator, and other sleep AIDS.
3, traditional Chinese medicine health products: authentic herbs, ethnic characteristics of drugs, health instruments, health care products, traditional Chinese medicine acne/weight loss products, moxibustion care products, meridian therapy care products, infrared therapy products, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy care products.
4. Eyecare: eye beauty/meridian/massage instrument, eye mask, eye care capsule/infusion, eye drops, eye care spray, eye care patch, eye care medicine, etc.
5. Health management: health management automation, health management system, psychological assessment institutions, genetic testing, remote monitoring, health examination institutions, health assessment institutions, and pension institutions, etc.
6. Hydrogen health products: hydrogen-rich household products, such as hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen-rich water cup, hydrogen-rich water machine, hydrogen-rich filter element, hydrogen-rich beauty SPA, etc.
7, packaging equipment: health products and medicines packaging equipment, inkjet equipment, medical packaging materials, automatic packaging machine, etc.

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