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Energy Storage China

From October 31, 2019 until November 02, 2019
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By utilizing the international network of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, "World of Energy Storage" series forums have already covered 5 world's leading markets: Europe, North America, India, China, and Japan, accounting for 70% of new energy generation market globally. As a member of China, ESC has now become an industry driving force and key event in the energy storage industry.

ESC 2019 is set to upgrade its platform and brings a wider range of topics and themes to attendees. The highly interactive sectors and best practices of energy industry innovation make ESC an important and meaningful platform to cooperate with policymakers, world-renowned experts and industry stakeholders.

Product Categories

Physical energy storage, electrochemical energy storage, fuel cells/DianZhuan gas, power generation, power storage, thermal energy storage materials, components/yuan, application integration, electric vehicle power battery/electric/charging pile, energy storage technology in power station, the smart grid, wind power, solar photovoltaic, sunlight) (power, biomass energy, distributed energy, clean energy

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