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Toy & Edu China (Shenzhen International Toy & Education Fair) 2021

From March 30, 2021 09:30 until April 01, 2021 18:00

Toy & Edu China (Shenzhen International Toy & Education Fair)

In the new economic era, the trend of industrial synergy is more and more obvious. Exhibition organizers take the initiative to expand the "circle of friends," to invite home and abroad and closely related to the toy industry cross-border buyers to purchase.
The international toy fair has a strong radiating capacity for the whole Chinese market and even the whole world. You can also contact many powerful first-line retailers in the exhibition, which can help you expand the market rapidly and make merchants cooperate with customers for win-win results.

Product Categories
  • All kinds of toys

Electronic and electronic toys, plastic toys, wooden and cardboard toys, dolls, plush toys, building blocks, split-plug toys, inflatable toys, children's activities and sports products, riding toys, smart toys, model toys, DIY toys, music toys

  • Education products

Early childhood education products, electronic early education products, early childhood education recreation facilities, teaching toys, science, and education STEM/STEAM products, teaching appliances (general teaching AIDS, children's teaching AIDS), kindergarten supplies, special education supplies, educational publications

  • Animation licensing and derivatives

Animation IP authorization, authorized derivative products, cultural and creative authorization, brand authorization, sports authorization, celebrity authorization

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