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China International Auto Modification & Accessories Expo

From December 12, 2019 until December 14, 2019
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China International Auto Modification & Accessories Expo is the only national auto product international professional exhibition approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the important guidance and support of the Ministry of Commerce. The national first level association of China Auto Modification & Accessories Association leads the host, the domestic and foreign auto industry association and the famous enterprise group support or cooperate, and fully serve the healthy and orderly development of the auto refitting and the supplies industry in China. The exhibition relies on the largest automobile consumption market in East China, based on domestic and international, and is an important platform for promoting the comprehensive development of auto refitting and supplies in China. It is the most authoritative exchange, integration, development and win-win of China and foreign industry.

  • Auto Accessories Exhibition

China’s auto accessories market is expanding steadily. Innovation, e-commerce, chain-store operation, industrialization, and standardization are the keys for the auto accessories market. Exhibits: Auto interior & exterior product, auto beauty care product, communication, and navigation, electronic appliance, tuning, safety, outdoor, environment-friendly product, maintenance equipment and tool, automotive and industrial lubricants, lubricating grease, lubricant base oil, lubricant additive, related package, and Bottling Equipment.

  • Auto Refitting Exhibition

China Auto Modification Accessories Association will hold China International Auto Refitting Expo at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on Sept. 20th -22nd, 2018. It displays domestic auto-tuning works, technology, and products. It aims to promote management and business model of international auto refitting and strengthen cooperation and exchanges. Exhibits: Modified vehicle, engine system, cooling system, air product, exhaust parts, electronic appliance, drive system, suspension system, brake system, wheel hub, tire, appearance package.

  • New Energy Vehicle Exhibition

New energy, ICT application, and intelligence will bring great changes in how vehicles are used. They will speed up the integration of auto and other related industries. The leading driver for the development of the auto industry will change as a result. The auto industry will evolve from traditional manufacturing industry to the industry providing manufacturing service and innovation. The revolutionary changes will provide an exciting opportunity for late-starters in the industry to catch up with Forerunners. Exhibits: New energy vehicle, electric vehicle, passenger car, commercial vehicle, micro-car, special vehicle.

  • Parallel-Import Car Exhibition

It is organized by the China Automobile Dealers Association, and the "China Automotive Consumer Forum" will be held in the same period, covering the interpretation of The Measures for the Administration of Automobile Brands, the policies of the parallel-import car and its market outlook, the trend analysis of automobile consumption and other hot spots and news about this industry. The main delegates are Principals of ports of the Free Trade Zones, exhibitors of the parallel-import cars and refitting cars, Auto dealers and investors, automobile manufacturers, auto parts enterprises, service agencies of auto finance and automotive boutique, the third-party service agencies, media, and speakers, etc. This is a grand meeting that gathers automotive products displaying and forums. Exhibits: Parallel-Import Car, Refitting car.
Auto Parts Exhibition
CIAPE focuses on mobile internet which plays an important role in the upgrade of the entire auto industry. It will lead to fundamental changes in design, R & D, manufacturing, sales, and services. Exhibits: Engine system, chassis system, body system, electronic system, general parts and materials (OE parts, brand parts, AM parts, remanufactured parts)

  • Electronics and Information Technology Exhibition

This section displays products and services of auto ICT application and navigation in public transportation and commercial vehicles. It showcases innovation and software of auto electronics and intelligent transportation, new energy vehicle, and electric vehicle, intelligent manufacturing technologies, state-of-the-art technique, material, and design.

Exhibits: Auto electronics and ICT application product of public transportation and commercial vehicle, intelligent management system, big data application and software service, navigation technologies and product, Beidou technology and product, location and map service, driverless car technologies and product, mobile internet technology, communication system, intelligent transportation solution, digital management system, service system of transportation information application, freeway electronic toll collection, wearable product and service, battery, electric machinery, electric control technologies, product and material for new energy and electric vehicle.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing and Robots Exhibition

With the accelerated penetration of a new generation of information technology into the manufacturing field, the development of modern industrial informatization has entered into a new historical stage which is smart manufacturing. In order to seize this development opportunity, this CIAPE will set up intelligent manufacturing and robots exhibition. Under the guidance of the strong national strategy "Made in China 2025", this session will comprehensively promote the upgrading and innovation in the new manufacturing field of China's automobile industry in intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent terminal products such as robots and so on.

Exhibits: Major integrated intelligent equipment, 3D printing and related technology, automotive electronics, intelligent measurement and control settings, industrial robot machine, robot development platform and software technology, robot features and components, robot applications, the complete solution of smart factories, other types of CNC equipment and so on.

  • Auto Maintenance and Diagnosis Equipment Exhibition

The section serves vehicle safety performance testing, comprehensive performance testing, whole vehicle maintenance enterprises, maintenance stations for specific problems, chain auto maintenance enterprises and fine equipment of auto vocational schools. CIAPE will help improve management, technology, and service of companies. The expo will also boost the implementation of the Inspect/Maintenance (I/M) system, advocate modern maintenance models such as ‘Green Maintenance’ ‘Technical Maintenance’ and ‘Professional Maintenance’.

Exhibits: Auto Inspect/Maintenance and diagnosis equipment, measurement tool, microcomputer system, related equipment etc., auto maintenance equipment, special repair tool, spray paint, lifting, body repair, calibration equipment etc., green auto repair equipment and material, auto repair instruction equipment and facility.

  • Clean Energy and Equipment Exhibition

Automotive fuel is developed alongside with energy. Petrol diesel was the first to be used as a power fuel. Then as vehicles and bio-fuel vehicles are invented. After that, came electric vehicles that started to use solar and wind power. Automotive fuel is in the transition to a new stage of using renewable energy. It is going to take a long period of time. There are various energy types. Renewable energy such as bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, and bio-alcohol is also being applied to the automotive energy field.

Exhibits: Gasoline, diesel, vehicle-use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), ethanol, methanol and biofuel, hybrid power, fuel cell, pure electric battery, charging station, hydrogen engine, fuel-servicing equipment, etc..

  • Motorcycle and Electric Vehicle Exhibition

Working with China Chamber Commerce of Motorcycle (CCCM), it displays domestic and international motorcycle, electric vehicles and motorcycle parts. It showcases advanced technology of China’s own brands. Renowned overseas companies and buyers will be invited to the expo to facilitate cooperation between domestic and overseas companies in electric vehicles, high-end high emission motorcycles, scooters, key parts, famous motorcycle products.

Exhibits: Motorcycle, electric vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, moped, motorcycle engine, and other parts, motorcycle clothing and equipment, motorcycle manufacturing and maintenance equipment.

  • International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai, China)

The International Sourcing Fair (ISF), organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, is China’s largest Inverted Fair (Containing both buyer exhibits and visits from suppliers). It begins in 2002 and becomes a national fair in 2006.

In September 2018, the Organizing Committee of ISF will once again join hands with the business organizations, national industrial associations, international purchasing associations from more than 30 Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to jointly develop business in auto parts, equipment manufacturing, smart manufacturing, and new energy fields. ISF aims to promote deep resource integration and provide better services to both buying and supplying enterprises.

  • Services of the auto

With the development of the automotive industry, the scope of auto financial services expands constantly. With the increasing need of services from auto manufacturers, dealers and consumers, various, comprehensive and complete financial services gradually cover lease, credit loan which are provided throughout the manufacturing, circulating, consuming, marketing and after-sales services of the auto industry.

Auto Finance, Insurance, Leasing, and Regenerated Resources Exhibition

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