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Shenzhen International Electric Vehicle Supply Equipments Fair

From November 04, 2019 09:00 until November 06, 2019 18:00

Shenzhen International Electric Vehicle Supply Equipments Fair

China's new energy vehicles have become the main development direction of the future automobile industry, new energy vehicles to a steady stream of vehicles to enter the market, with new energy electric passenger cars, buses, logistics car models for the new energy vehicles such as main force, as well as the government's support policies of new energy electric vehicles and incentives also vigorously promoting the sales of electric vehicles. The development of new energy vehicles is also the common goal of the automotive industry all over the world. Different countries have different visions for the development of new energy vehicles. China's vision for the development of new energy vehicles is "from a big country of automobiles to a strong country of automobiles".Different countries have different technical routes to develop new energy vehicles. China's new energy vehicle industry development trend is also reflected in the development of different technical routes.

Product Categories

● new energy electric vehicle exhibition area: hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric passenger vehicles, Internet vehicles, fuel cars, small electric vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles, electric buses, electric tourism vehicles, electric buses, electric trucks, electric logistics vehicles, etc.
● parts exhibition area: power battery, energy storage battery, motor, electronic control system and other core parts of new energy vehicles, battery management system, and other parts based on electric vehicle design;
● charge (or exchange) exhibition area: charging piles, chargers, charging stations, distribution cabinets, charging and exchange batteries and battery management system, parking facilities, intelligent monitoring, charging station power supply solutions, power lithium batteries, charging station - smart grid solutions, etc.
● intelligent vehicle and intelligent driving solutions/automatic and assisted driving systems and components: ADAS, laser radar, millimeter wave radar, camera, navigation map solutions;
● automotive intelligent software/hardware: HUD, voice interactive system, intelligent rearview mirror, intelligent audio, gesture operation, voice control and other in-car interactive technologies, vehicle and engine solution suppliers, intelligent traffic solutions;
● new materials and applications: lightweight metal materials, composite materials, polymer materials, nano-materials and solutions, integrated chassis, lightweight parts, and solutions;
● private car sharing platform: timesharing solution, P2P car rental platform; Logistics vehicle sharing platform.


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