Canton Fair 2019


Die & Mould China

From June 11, 2019 09:00 until June 15, 2019 18:00
Shanghai - National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) Address: No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai, China
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Thirty years of development has made China become a big country of mould manufacturing and consumption in the world, and the mould industry system has been established.In 2016, China's mold production capacity reached 230 billion yuan, and the sales volume was about 1870 billion yuan.About 80 million tons of metal products are produced through die forming (also known as isobar manufacturing), which is equivalent to the amount of metal products processed by cutting (reduced-material manufacturing).Some 75m tonnes of plastic and 6m tonnes of rubber are made almost entirely from moulds.The 230 billion molds support the 25 trillion yuan product manufacturing industry, and the mold is called the benefit amplifier of the product manufacturing industry.

"Business Services industry Trade fair."

Die & Mould China will create this world-famous mold industry event and lead the industry. It exhibits, integration, intelligence, automation is the most dazzling. Many manufacturers have demonstrated the products and technologies that use intelligent manufacturing as the development direction in the production process: FANUC robots automate the copper electrode loading and unloading machining system and mobile phone casing polishing system, Beijing carved aluminum alloy automatic processing unit, sea Kescom I-Cell Blu - ray Automation Solution Unit, Baoli Machinery's automated machine tool loading and unloading and inspection integration system, Yangzhou forging YDH-220 closed double-point CNC high-speed precision stamping production line, road technology automatic detection and scanning system, etc.

Exhibit contents:
  • Metal cutting precision machine tool and non-traditional processing machine tool
  • Mould & forming technology, materials and Mould product
  • Punching machine and plastic machinery
  • Internet + CAD/CAM/CAE integrated and information management technology
  • Automation integration technology and equipment, robot
  • 3D additive manufacturing & Laser processing
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Die & Mould China exhibition
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