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Chengdu - Western China International Expo City

Address: No. 88, East Section of Fuzhou Road, Tianfu New District, Chengdu

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Western China International Expo City (hereinafter referred to as "Zibo city") is located in the core area of the national new district -- Tianfu new district of Sichuan, with a total construction area of 570,000 square meters.

Western China International Expo City as the permanent site of western China international fair, all kinds of exhibition hosted sites, high-end business activities center platform, is the set of Chengdu in Sichuan province, large-scale exhibitions, conferences, festivals, events, activities, and other functions as one of the international conference and exhibition leading project, is a new growth pole to promote the development of China's convention and exhibition industry in the Midwest, strive to develop an "area" construction and the development of the Yangtze River economic belt important platform for international exchanges and cooperation.

The total exhibition area of Zibo city is 305,000 square meters. The indoor exhibition hall is 205,000 m squared, and the outdoor exhibition hall is 100,000 m squared. Have standard exhibition hall 15, multi-function hall 1, 11000 international standard booths, and may arrange and configure the perfect meeting, office, restaurant and a car park, freight rotary district and other supporting facilities, can be used for exhibition, outdoor roadshow, large-scale concerts, open the closing ceremony and large commercial activities, is the largest expo exhibition center in the western region

Xibo city (phase I) was jointly designed by the TVS architecture design company of the United States and southwest design and research institute of architecture of China. The unique ribbon roof highlights the beautiful image of "Shu Huan Shu brocade", and the spatial modeling of soaring wings leaves a deep impression on the outside world. In order to get better lighting effects and make the most efficient use of space, xi bo city adopts a large stadium structure with large span hyperboloid pavilion truss and net truss as the main structure. There is no pillar in the middle of the whole stadium, and the amount of steel is as much as the bird's nest of the Beijing Olympic stadium.

During the construction of the pavilion, 38 new technologies, 5 innovative technologies and 12 invention patents have been applied for. The project has won 41 honors, including the gold award of China steel structure, the green construction technology demonstration project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the gold award of Sichuan Tianfu cup and the first prize of Sichuan excellent engineering survey and design. And won China's highest construction project quality award - China construction project Luban prize.

The construction of the Tianfu international conference center, the second phase of international expo city in western China, is being accelerated. The project will build the largest main venue in China (about 10,000 square meters, with a capacity of 5,500 people) and supporting grand banquet hall, as well as more than 20 small and medium-sized meeting venues with a total area of about 8,000 square meters, which can meet the service capacity of large state events.