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New York - NY, USA
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New York - NY, USA

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New York City, also known as New York City (NYC), is the United States' most populous city. New York City, with a population of 8,804,190 spread over 300.46 sq. miles (778.2km2), is the largest major city. The city, which is located at the southern tip New York state, is the heart of the New York Metropolitan Area, the largest urban area in the world. New York is one the most populous megacities in the world, with 20.1 million residents in its metropolitan statistical areas and 23.5 millions in its combined statistical area. New York City is known as the cultural, economic, and media capital. It has a significant impact on commerce, entertainment and technology. It is the most photographed place in the world. [10] New York, the home of the United Nations headquarters, is an important centre for international diplomacy.[11][12] It has been sometimes called the capital city of the world.

New York City, which is located on one of the largest natural harbors in the world, is made up of five boroughs. Each borough is coextensive to a county of New York. When local governments were consolidated in one municipal entity in 1898, the five boroughs of Brooklyn (Kings County), Queens County (Queens County), Manhattan and Staten Island respectively (Richmond County), were created. [13] New York City and its metropolitan region are the main gateway to legal immigration to the United States. New York is home to more than 800 languages, [14] making it one of the most diverse cities in the world. New York has more than 3.2million residents who were born outside of the United States. This makes it the most foreign-born city in the world. [15][16] The New York metropolitan area has a GDP (gross metropolitan product) of almost $1.8 trillion as of 2018. This makes it the first-largest in the United States. The New York metropolitan area would be a sovereign nation and have the eighth largest economy in the world. New York has the second-highest number of billionaires in the world. [17][18]