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Taipei International Chain and Franchise Summer Expo

From October 04, 2019 10:00 until October 07, 2019 18:00

Taipei International Chain and Franchise Summer Expo

Taipei international franchise exhibition

"Taipei international chain exhibition - autumn exhibition" is the annual indicative chain exhibition in being bay, marching towards the goal of internationalization and spheronization, leading the trend of the most oriented chain franchise, providing the most advanced franchise capital communication and media bridge technology for the majority of enterprises and franchisees.

Besides enriched the contents of the exhibition, the stage area millions more with one of the most popular entrepreneurship lectures, large sum masters course, including members of industry status and love, how to choose appropriate to join the cabinet prime minister comprehensive marketing success, such as the world's self-effacing intentional business people can absorb recorded the most complete knowledge of entrepreneurship. Let people understand the brand culture and franchise news. Let people understand the brand culture and franchise news.

"Joining - autumn exhibition in Taipei international chain", each year careful curator, an annual most consumer market popularity, to ensure successful entrepreneurial join exhibition industry category, let manufacturers home and join Lord wants to do pioneering work together to create high-quality communication platform, help people receive various information, for your career and life to a peak.


Three themes, one satisfaction
  • [key interlocking area]
    Whether it is a popular restaurant chain, brunch, hand drink, or a well-known non-restaurant chain, there are all kinds of options.
  • [equipment distribution area]
    Such as chain industry-related equipment, professional equipment, health food, investment funds, designers, suppliers, enterprise procurement, entrepreneurial consultants.
  • [international manufacturer area]
    Foreign popular chain brands, into Taiwan, to join the bay industry, to create new business opportunities.

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