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China (Beijing) International Wallcoverings and Home Furnishings Exhibition 2022


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China (Beijing) International Wallcoverings and Home Furnishings Exhibition


The annual "CHINA WALLPAPER HOMDECOR" has been held in Beijing

The annual "CHINA WALLPAPER HOMDECOR" has been held in Beijing and Shanghai since 2004. The volume of the last exhibition was large, which was highly valued by domestic and foreign exhibitors and wallpaper industry colleagues. Gather 150 decoration and building materials professional media and mass media, organize wallpaper exhibition in various forms, wallpaper exhibition in multiple levels, effective systematic promotion activities; Carefully prepare pre-exhibition preview, new product report, exhibition news, exhibition review, and other promotional materials. Give full play to the advantages of China building decoration association in the wallpaper industry, and entrust the professional associations of building materials at home and abroad, industry media and designers' associations to distribute news materials and organize group visits;We will continue to dig deeper into trade audience resources, issue 400,000 complimentary tickets and 80,000 electronic invitation letters to professional visitors, and spread exhibition information and invitations to trade groups.


Product Categories:

1. Wallpaper

PVC plastic wallpaper/linen wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, sound-absorbing wallpaper, plastic wallpaper, wool wallpaper, fluorescent wallpaper, glass fiber wall cloth, wallpaper

2. Cloth art series

Jacquard decorative cloth, printed decorative cloth, flame-retardant decorative cloth, color-changing decorative cloth, warp knitted decorative cloth, yarn-dyed decorative cloth, craft cloth, electrostatic flocking, hand embroidery, embroidery burnt-out, cutting flower, embroidery, crepe, glass yarn, interlayer yarn, Corgan yarn, glass yarn, snow yarn, etc., home textile design

3. Window act the role of product series

Shutter curtain, roll curtain, Roman curtain, vertical curtain, curtain, open and close curtain, wooden curtain, grass art curtain, electric curtain, craft draw curtain, remote control curtain, PVC curtain, shutter, 100 fold curtain, organ curtain, water wave curtain, continuously empty curtain, invisible curtain, shade, etc

4. Wallpaper production and accessories

Paper-based PVC ink printing roller embossing roller

5. Window accessories series

Curtain rod, curtain belt, curtain hook, curtain rail, curtain box, curtain machine, curtain motor, curtain clip, curtain lamp, ring, zipper, button, tassel;

6. Carpet series

Automotive carpets, household carpets, commercial carpets, exhibition carpets

7. Diatom mud decoration wall materials 

Ditto mud, algae mud, diatom mud wallpaper, diatom mud brick, diatom mud decoration board, diatomite insulation materials, etc.Ecological functional raw materials - ecological functional products - ecological decorative materials - diatomite and minerals: diatomite ore, PVC square carpets modified asphalt square carpets, ammonium acetate fiber and fiber, artificial grass carpet fur carpet tufting carpet imitation silk, c Shimon, the higher the higher carpet such as nylon, polyester, acrylic carpet of pure wool, bamboo carpet, such as printing and shutter mechanism of woven carpet hand needle carpet carpet carpet palace carpet flat carpet Persian carpet hand embroidered carpet makers Munster textile carpet, Wilton weaving carpets, square carpets, carpet carpets tapestry

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Mohammad boniadi
wallpaper expo
Is there any changes in dates or place of wallpaper Exhibition?

Hội chợ ở Trung Quốc lúc nào cũng có nhiều sản phẩm. Đây là dịp tốt để tìm kiếm các mẫu mã sản phẩm về Rèm và Giấy dán tường
Greg Clayton
Where can I find a list of exhibitors
Greg Clayton
New Zealand
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