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Vision China Shenzhen next edition date updated     Vision China (Shenzhen) 100 + exhibitors and machine Vision brands Vision China (Shenzhen) 100 + exhibitors and machine Vision brands, hai Kang, it, Lingyun, Allied Vision, OPTO, Vieworks, FLIR, Euresys, the HangXun, LAONPEOPLE, sharp, super well, Walter Depp, sen the, optimal instant well-known enterprises at home and abroad gathered to build a set of light source, lens, industrial cameras, smart cameras, software products such as machine vision and image processing one-stop solution provider in the integration of trade and business communication platform.   Many exhibitors will bring their new products and technologies to Vision China (Shenzhen) exhibition to penetrate the south China market Many exhibitors will bring their new products and technologies to Vision China (Shenzhen) exhibition to penetrate the south China market. This year's exhibition is expected to attract more than 25,000 participants from communication systems, automotive, EMS, lighting, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, computer, and peripheral, semiconductor, system integrators and more downstream application enterprises. In the same period, there will be a display area of machine vision testing solutions, which will display the testing solutions of machine vision in many application fields such as electronics, automation, and robots, providing customized non-standard solutions for professional audiences and enterprises.   Vision Plus X helps upgrade the intelligent manufacturing industry First with LEAP Expo event (members of the exhibition: south China electronic production equipment exhibition in Munich, automation and robotics, intelligent digital manufacture exhibition, laser show) and south China, Vision + laser fusion welding, Vision + / electronic semiconductor, Vision, intelligent manufacture machine Vision applications, such as all-round automation and robotics, dispensing glue injection equipment and materials, advanced laser application technology and processing, machine Vision and application characteristics of six modules and wisdom factory link, intelligent manufacturing line one-stop sourcing platform for users   Product Category: 1. Core components of machine vision: Smart camera: black and white smart camera, line scan smart camera, color smart camera, CMOS smart camera, ID reader, etc. Board card: black and white card, image compression/decompression board card, color card, etc. Software package: image processing software, machine vision tool software; Accessories: industrial CAMERA, CMOS CAMERA, CCD CAMERA, face array CAMERA, camera-link CAMERA, line-scan CAMERA, infrared CAMERA, 1394 interface CAMERA; Industrial lens: FA lens, high resolution lens, image scanning lens, focusing lens, telecentric lens, etc. Light source: LED light source, UV lighting system, infrared light source, optical fiber lighting system, etc. Auxiliary products: sensor, calibration block, grating, gasket, wiring and connector, power supply, baseplate. 2. Machine vision accessories: Image processing system: optical text, recognition system, automation/robotics, infrared image system; Processing and machine vision integration: characters recognition system, automation/robotics, infrared image system, tobacco, printing, electronic assembly, quality inspection and automatic recognition (OCR/OCV), measurement and intelligent vision, surface test, printing, packaging, complex industrial object of visual online, automobile manufacturing, license plates, intelligent transportation, biometrics, monitoring, medical tests, such as optical inspection system.

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