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From July 12, 2024 until July 14, 2024

Cincinnati Events 2023

1. The vendor fee for each monthly show is $60. Vendor fee is discounted by $10.00 if you attend multiple events back-to-back.

We can't promise you a place near an outlet.

3. The vendor set-up time is one hour before the event's start time.

4. After the event, vendors must immediately pack up their booth and remove all items from it.

Vendors may be charged if they do not leave the hall by the end time.

Vendors must bring their own table, chairs and decorations for the events.

1. The number of people attending the events is not something we can guarantee.

2. We utilize all available online marketing methods and pay for paid advertising.

We offer a dedicated space for you to market your products and services.

We are a traveling Craft Show that hosts events in different Cities.

All participants are asked to help us spread the word.

The vendors can help spread the word about the show. Small businesses are the most difficult to reach, so this will increase the awareness.

The event isn't responsible if you don't get what you expected (We cannot guarantee).