The Student Exchange Fair next edition date updated

From February 10, 2024 until February 10, 2024

Schüleraustausch und Gap Year - Alle Informationen zum Auslandsjahr in Corona-Zeiten: Auf in die Welt - Schüleraustausch Organisationen & Stipendien im Vergleich

On August 27, 2022, the Student Exchange Fair will be held in Hamburg. On August 27, 2022, go to the WORLD trade show - student exchange fair in Hamburg. The North's GO TO THE WORD trade fair. The information brochure GO to THE WORLD is exclusively for the visitors of the trade fair. This e-book provides a concise guide with practical advice and a map of the world.

Au pair, demi-pair, volunteering, internships and international study are all possible through student exchange.

Patron: Dr. Michael Eckstein, Chairman of the German Foundation for International Understanding.

AUF IN DI WELT offers independent and comprehensive information on travel abroad.

Sasel-Haus Saseler Parkweg 3 22393 Hamburg.

Off into the World is an information booklet with current topics such as student exchanges, gaps years, experience reports and scholarship opportunities, along with practical tips, check-lists and profiles of recommended exchange organisations. Visitors to the trade fair can pick up the brochure at the German Foundation for International Understanding stand. The brochure can be purchased later. Order inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download the flyer for a trade fair: Location, dates and topics at a glance.

Students, parents, and educators are welcome to attend the fair from 10 am to 4 pm at Sasel House. Saseler Parkweg 3 is located in Hamburg, 22393 Hamburg. Admission is free.