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TCAM Conference & Expo next edition date updated

From December 13, 2022 until December 15, 2022
At Dubai World Trade Centre - Trade CentreTrade Centre 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Categories: Food & Beverages

TCAM – Organic Natural

. . TCAM Conference & Expo 2nd International Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Conference and Expo. First and only focused expo and conference for TCAM in the Middle East. Direct contact with over 250 leading practitioners and distributors. Connect with practitioners, academics, researchers, decision makers and regulators from the Middle Eastern health industry. FROM BUYER LEADS TO FULFILMENT. 5 Buyer Leads Per Month. Pre-Arranged Meetings. 365 Days Online Business. Complete Fulfilment Package. . THE WELLNESS OF THE MARKET. WHO SHOULD ATTEND?. WHY ATTEND. . BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN MIDDLE EAST IN 1 STEP. HEAR IT FROM THE EXHIBITORS. Hear it from 2018 attendees. KAZUTERU OHASHI. KAMALIKA MITRA. DR FATIMA. JONGHWAN LEE. ELENA NEGROBOVA. 2018 Conference Speakers. Dr. Anees Rahman. Dr. Anees Rahman. Dr. Barbara Cawood. Dr. Barbara Cawood. Dr. Basil Yousuf. Dr. Basil Yousuf. Dr. Huafei Li. Dr. Huafei Li. Dr. Jameel Sait. Dr. Jameel Sait. Dr. Jassim A. Salim. Dr. Jassim A. Salim. Dr. Ludmila Vassilieva. Dr. Ludmila Vassilieva. Dr. M.A.Qasmi. Dr. M.A.Qasmi. Dr. Rahul Jain. Dr. Rahul Jain. Dr. Shyam VL. Dr. Shyam VL. Dr. Vineeth Sidharthan. Dr. Vineeth Sidharthan. Mohsen Gaber Eldesouky. Mohsen Gaber Eldesouky. Prof. Dr. Varant Seropian PhD. Prof. Dr. Varant Seropian PhD. Prof. K.K Mishra. Prof. K.K Mishra. For Visitors. General. For Exhibitors. O2O CONNECT. Arabian Organics.

TCAM is the Middle East’s first Ever Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicines Conference and Exhibition. Industry professionals shared their knowledge at this carefully curated conference, while workshops and a supporting exhibition running from December 15th – 17th 2020.

Presented in partnership with Organic & Natural, this 6.75 CME point conference and expo provided unprecedented access to the experts and allowed seasoned professionals and aspiring innovators alike to network, browse cutting edge unveilings and connect with a purpose to work towards the greater good.

UAE with its 88.5% populace being expatriates, TCAM has huge potential for its Healthcare services and products. The nation is aiming to make it a hub for TCAM in MENA region by introducing ‘Sheryan’ where professionals can qualify to practice in this region by attending the selection processes from their country through selected centers. The nation’s growing consciousness on health and wellness paves way to increase the demand for TCAM professionals and trade. Being the holistic medicine hub in the region, the UAE market can open doors to many more countries for TCAM products and services.

TCAM welcomes everyone and will be particularly beneficial for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and brings together International Practitioners, Academics, Researchers, Innovators and Regulators within the field. All workshops run on an opt-in basis so individuals will be able to personalise their schedule to ensure they get the most out of their attendance.

In a fast growing market, the TCAM conference and exhibition brings together practitioners, academics, researchers, decision makers and regulators from the Middle Eastern health industry. This provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with top industry professionals in the region and expand your business here. The 2019 conference was attended by 130 prominent and powerful members of the TCAM industry in the Middle East.

This is our first time at the expo, and this is the second day, so many people came, it has been very exciting for us. We found many potential customers, even amongst exhibitors. We used the ArabianOrganics website to make appointments with customers; and the meetings have gone well.

The trend in the tea market in the region is certainly going towards a more natural and organic approach. Dubai is a hub for tea distribution and the beverage market is growing more than 3.3% year on year. We are always looking out to source tea that is suitable for our brand.

I work at a clinic in Abu Dhabi and found the TCAM sessions to be very insightful. Even though doctors like me specialize in one field of alternative therapy, I learnt that you can merge Ayurveda, homeopathy and more to create a holistic treatment plan. Usually we only have allopathic conferences where we get our CME points, but this time...

This is my first time (at the Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai), and I met many buyers and visitors from UAE and all over the world, and they have shown interest in our Korean Beauty cosmetic products and want to buy from us. We used the o2o platform to create meetings with buyers from Bulgaria and UAE.

I came here to meet my existing suppliers, and because we are interested in sourcing new brands and products from the field of skin and personal care. I am happy to say that we met some interesting companies and hope that it will go further. You will see me next year at the event.

Dr. Anees Rahman is the Director of of Kerala Unani hospital and the General Secretary of Kerala Unani Medical Association. He is currently practicing as a Chief Consultant Physician and will be discussing the Quick and Effective Management of Sciatica Using Unani Medicines and Regimental Therapies.

Dr. Barbara Cawood is a member of the South African Society of Integrative Medicine and has been active in the medical industry since 1992. Dr. Cawood is the Director of the Cawood Medical Clinic and will be discussing the past, present and future of Traditional African and Modern Medicine.

Graduated in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery and completed Post Graduate Diploma in Acupunture, Yoga and Naturopathy. He focuses on fusing traditional Indian therapies, Chinese Acupunture into German Homoeopathy with Physiotherapy. Dr.Basil Yousuf will complete the panel discussion ‘TCAM Progressing into the future’.

Specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Dr. Huafei Li is a member of both the Association of Acupuncture in China and the Association of Chinese Medicine in the UK. Dr. Li has over ten years experience in the medical industry, often participates in research projects relating to his field and will be discussing the concept of an organic lifestyle.

Dr. Jameel Sait heads Dr. Sait’s Homeopathy and is recognised by the Ministry of Health UAE as an Honorary Homeopathic practitioner. Dr Sait has been involved in experimental studies relating to the homeopathic treatment of ailments such as Hepatitis B, Infertility and Cancer and will be discussing obesity and hyperlipidemia.

Dr. Jasim Salim is the founder of CURE BY HOMEOPATHY. He is a certified trainer at the Institute of Homeopaths and will be discussing dyslipidemia.

Dr. Ludmila Vassilieva is the founder of the Holistic Healing Medical Centre and was the first doctor legally licenced to practice homeopathy in Ukraine. Having been a driving force in having Holistic Healing Healthcare implemented in UAE legislation, she will be discussing the role of Holistic Medicine across detection, detoxification and development in the medical industry.

Dr. M.A.Qasmi is a Deputy Adviser Unani in the Ministry of AYUSH. He has previously worked as a Research Officer Unani in the Department of ISM&H and will be discussing an overview of the Indian Traditional System of Medicine.

Dr.Rahul Jain is an Ayurvedic Research Officer in the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and he specialises in the management of Lifestyle Diseases through Traditional System of Ayurveda and Yoga. Dr.Jain will be sharing his thoughts on 'TCAM progressing into the future' in the panel discussion.

Gold medalist Dr. Shyam VL holds four university degrees including a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery and an MPhil in Business Management. He received a Leader in Healthcare Award in 2018 and will be discussing Personalised Lifestyle Management.

Dr. Vineeth Sidharthan is a Consultant Homeopath at Care Homeopathic Clinic and Research Centre. He is one of the most sought after speakers on Homeopathy globally, with a particularly strong following in Europe. This is possibly due to his known expertise with handling pathologically grave diseases such as Cancer.

Mohsen Gaber Eldesouky holds a Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences and is an Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Alexandria University in Egypt. Mr. Eldesouky has also published three research papers and will be discussing the potential risks of simultaneous self-medication by TCA along with modern medicines.

Prof. Dr. Varant Seropian PhD is a Harvard Educated Herbal Supplements Research Scientist and Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa, AIE Pharma USA. Currently also serving as the Chief Representative of The International Accreditation Organisation in ME for Universities, Institutes, Colleges and Schools (USA), Dr. Varant will be discussing traditional herbal remedies.

Prof. Kashi K Mishra is the founder of Biji Meridians and a faculty member at the Academy for Acupressure and Acupuncture in Bangalore. He will be discussing the new acupunctural concept of the Biji Meridians.