Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo next edition date updated

| Tastefully Expo Malaysia

Our vast network connects brands to consumers and facilitates the flow of trade and business in Food, Halal and Health specialist markets. Upcoming Events in 2023. Setia SPICE Arena, Penang. IOI Grand Exhibition & Convention Centre. Austin International Convention Centre.

From Online to Offline, to Metaverse and from Business to Customer, our 6-in-1 platform allows people to connect with more ethical food, art, and music around the world.

We have a huge network of over 21,000 people in the food industry, and we welcome more than 800K visitors to our expo.

As usual, the food expo is run by a trusted organizer.

Great expo! The flow of visitors was constant throughout the three days, while adhering strictly to the SOPs.

Great booth location. Excellent booth location. Good variety of vendors. Traffic flow is excellent. Well qualified customers. The Esther team was very friendly, helpful, and organized.

Be a leader in the food and beverage sector, and be recognized for our passion and dedication to delivering products that satisfy Malaysians' taste buds.