Sourcing at Magic - Las Vegas next edition date updated

From August 19, 2024 until August 21, 2024
At 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109 Categories: Apparel & Clothing Tags: Magic

SOURCING at MAGIC | Apparel Manufacturing Tradeshow

Las Vegas Convention Center. Las Vegas Convention Center. Las Vegas Convention Center. MAGIC x Interline - SOURCING REMAIN CONNECTED TO OUR COMMUNITY. OUR SPONSORS AND PARTNERS.

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SOURCING is a national and international gathering of suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. This includes everything from textiles and footwear to supply chain solutions, technology, and materials.

Through thoughtfully planned merchandising, engaging product demonstrations and live events, you can maximize your shopping experience and discover new cutting-edge products. Our online platform allows you to extend shopping and increase connections through digital experiences. Focusing on fashion technology and sustainability, access a wealth of original content to fuel your creativity and stay in the know.

Explore the latest edition of SOURCING @ MAGIC Digital Issue 02.23, which includes the third edition, on fashion technology, sustainability and our wide range of international partners.

The same products are grouped together in a cohesive way.
The show floor is awash with merchandise that features the distinct looks and feels of each community.